ServiceNow's Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results and Beyond: A Deep Dive

Scott Willson

"Digital transformation has turned into Business Transformation."  This is what Bill McDermott declared during his CNBC interview on Thursday, October 26, 2023. ServiceNow was on CNBC to discuss its recently disclosed financial results for the third quarter of 2023. As reported by the company's official press room, media outlets, and insights from CEO Bill McDermott's interview with CNBC, the results provide a comprehensive perspective on the company's trajectory and the broader industry landscape.

1. ServiceNow's Official Statement

ServiceNow's official press room detailed the company's Q3 2023 financial results. The company reported a subscription revenue of $2.2 billion, a 27% year-over-year growth. The total number of customers with an annual contract value ("ACV") of over $1 million has grown by 17% year-over-year, now totaling 1,789.

2. Yahoo Finance's Perspective

According to Yahoo Finance, ServiceNow raised its full-year 2023 guidance. ServiceNow is continuing to show momentum with enterprises digitally transforming on its platform. ServiceNow released over 5,000 new capabilities this year, including generative AI. 

3. Bill McDermott's Interview with CNBC

Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow, provided valuable insights during his interview with CNBC:

- AI as a Generational Movement: McDermott emphasized that AI is not just a passing trend but a generational shift. He highlighted ServiceNow's success with multiple $10 million contracts, attributing it to the company's focus on generative AI.

- Collaboration with NVIDIA: ServiceNow's partnership with NVIDIA aims to build domain-specific language models from the GPU up, fine-tuning them on the ServiceNow platform. NVIDIA's adoption of ServiceNow's platform as the new standard for this generation further solidifies this collaboration.

- Digital Transformation: McDermott stressed that digital transformation has evolved into business transformation. Companies leverage digital technology to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and redefine business processes.

- Generative AI: ServiceNow's approach to generative AI is domain-specific and integrated into its platform. This approach requires less computing power compared to tech giants, offering a unique value proposition to customers.

- Macroeconomic Concerns: McDermott acknowledged that CEOs are concerned by the challenges posed by global macroeconomic factors, including wars, inflation, rising interest rates, and the aftermath of COVID-19. However, he emphasized the need for companies to digitally transform, adopt generative AI, and stay ahead of the competition.

- ROI with ServiceNow: McDermott highlighted that customers invest in ServiceNow because of the exceptional return on investment. The platform's ability to provide an unparalleled ROI is a testament to its efficacy and value proposition.


ServiceNow's Q3 2023 financial results, combined with insights from Bill McDermott's interview, paint a picture of a company thriving in the present and strategically positioned for future growth. The emphasis on AI, digital transformation, and delivering tangible customer ROI underscores ServiceNow's commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. As the digital landscape continues evolving, ServiceNow's strategies and insights offer should give us all, customers of ServiceNow, continued confidence in our ServiceNow investment.

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