Multi-Environment Visibility In Minutes

xtype View
provides multi-environment visibility of your ServiceNow landscape with a purpose-built visibility product native to ServiceNow, giving you, in minutes, the ability to spot and remediate any version inconsistencies between any of your instances.

Scoped Apps, Store Apps & Plugins

Stop wasting time manually updating multiple instances across multiple teams and maintaining “visibility” using spreadsheets. Experience real-time visibility across multiple instances

Scoped Apps, Store Apps & Plugins
ServiceNow Release Versions

ServiceNow Release Versions

xtype View shows the ServiceNow release version of each instance. Avoid deployment and release errors caused by configuration drift between the instances of your ServiceNow landscape.

See Warnings For Inconsistencies

See warnings when versions of scoped apps, store apps or plugins are different across instances.

Environment Inconsistencies
xtype Identify Discrepancies quickly

Identify Discrepancies Quickly

To quickly find discrepancies, you can filter by scoped applications, store applications, plugins, or by assets that are missing, have different versions or names. You can also filter by text.

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