xtype Enterprise provides for the ServiceNow platform

  • Multi-Environment Visibility
  • Controlled Instance synchronization
  • Zero-Touch Deployments
  • Release Packaging
  • ServiceNow Change Management Integration
  • Release Scheduling
  • Support for Global-Scoped Applications

Driving improved business outcomes at scale

Multi-Environment Visibility

  • Track and correlate all differences across multiple instances
  • Remediate Inconsistencies from a single dashboard
  • Works for everything: Update sets, scoped apps and plugins
  • Visualize the hierarchical relationships for batched update sets

Controlled Instance Synchronization

  • Policy-based synchronization across instances
  • Sophisticated “smart syncing”
  • Reduce collisions and the need for frequent cloning

Zero-Touch Deployments

  • Deployment flows that trigger automatically
  • Integrated quality and security gates
  • Deploy 5x of your current pace
  • Include Batched Update Sets and Global Scoped Apps

Release Packaging

  • Automate production releases and eliminate spreadsheets
  • Reduce cloning times by order of magnitude
  • Packages are versioned and tracked across instances

ServiceNow Change Management Integration

  • Execute releases via schedules
  • Closed loop integration with Change Management
ServiceNow Change Management Integration
ServiceNow Release scheduling

Release Scheduling

  • Create a schedule and add your package(s)
  • Automatically released via xtype

Support for Global-Scoped Applications

  • Release Packages can include global-scoped apps or global app bundles
  • Propagates update sets with global-scoped apps or global app bundles

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