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xtype provides multi-environment visibility, controlled instance synchronization, zero-touch deployments, accelerated delivery, and enhanced governance.

Great webinar from Zurich Insurance about the success with xtype and why they decided to buy xtype rather than just build something themselves. Watch here.

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Enrich your ServiceNow CoEl

Enrich your ServiceNow CoEI with xtype

Increased Scale? No real-time visibility or synchronization across your ServiceNow landscape. Improved Velocity? Undeployed backlog is creating bottlenecks and slowing down progress. More Innovation? No time to innovate as technology hurdles eat into opportunities for creativity.

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eBook: ServiceNow Platform Engineering

eBook: xtype's 6 Principles to ServiceNow Platform Engineering Success

ServiceNow teams are under pressure to deliver against three hard to achieve mandates. These teams must provide ServiceNow applications, updates, and features consistently and reliably at speed. Because organizations are struggling to meet these three demands in concert, their ServiceNow backlog is growing and business leaders want that backlog downsized so they can realize the full potential of ServiceNow faster. ServiceNow Platform Engineering is a set of recommendations and principles aligned to the practices and procedures of delivering ServiceNow applications, updates, and features.

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eBook: Mastering ServiceNow

eBook: Mastering ServiceNow DevOps

This ebook will take a look at the building blocks needed to build an agile ServiceNow organization and triple its output by addressing environment inconsistencies.

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Zurich Insurance deploys ServiceNow releases 5X faster with xtype

Zurich, like most companies, has adopted DevOps and Agile methodologies. It became apparent that those principles needed to be applied to their ServiceNow development efforts. However, many of the DevOps tools and metrics these days are still focused on file-based architected applications, not platform-built use cases like ServiceNow update sets, plugins, scripts, apps, and more. Zurich adopted xtype to shrink its growing backlog, deliver value more quickly and shorten its cloning windows.

Full visibility into ServiceNow environments
A simple, streamlined multi-environment view across all instances to easily identify anomalies and discrepancies for decision making and to bring ServiceNow instances inline.

Kerry Ezekiel

Senior Manager - Service Transition,
Infrastructure Planning & Engineering

Buy xtype rather than build something yourself
Zurich adopted xtype to shrink its growing backlog, deliver value more quickly and shorten its cloning windows.

Lee Chapman
Service Now Team Lead

Unparalleled visibility
xtype grants me unparalleled visibility into my ServiceNow instances and gives me confidence whenever I need to migrate changes between them. xtype successfully fills in gaps in ServiceNow platform by providing features every DevOps and Dev craves for.

Marian Knotek

Development and Delivery Manager

Moving fast with confidence
xtype has boosted our developer's capacity, it helps us get a lot done much faster, helps us control multiple development streams with ease and solve issues much faster

Roman Shapoval

ServiceNow Team Leader

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