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xtype lets your ServiceNow teams customize and develop new functionality on the now platform at the speed and scale of CI/CD.

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No more having to log-into multiple instances and manually preview and commit deployments. With xtype, promotion is a single click into any instance, provided the correct permissions are in place. When issues occur, xtype will automatically flag the problem and set the source update set to ignore so no follow-on code creep can happen without intention.

Accelerate with a CD pipeline

Use xtype CD to define the path to Production across your instances. Setting up the pipeline takes seconds and is the cornerstone for the rest of the CD capabilities that will help you deliver 5x more value to your end users.

Improve your team's agility

Diving into the effectiveness of your delivery capabilities can tell you a lot. Do your deploys require frequent cross-team coordination? When production breaks, does it take a long time to get it up and running again? Are you getting feedback and results from your changes quickly? The xtype DevOps dashboard displays the Key Performance Indicators you need to start a continuous improvement process.

Minimize risks, improve quality

Xtype has built-in history and change tracking, allowing you to triage problems in seconds. Compare anything from a single object or line of code, through a single scope or application. Analyze entire instances to one another, identify bugs, rogue customizations, and much more.

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