Dream Bigger. Manage Better. The Instance Management Platform for ServiceNow

  • Native to ServiceNow, Installed in Minutes
  • Enforces ServiceNow Best Practices
  • Automates Platform Governance
  • Transforms Cloning Operations
  • Ensures Quality, Security, and Compliance
  • Accelerates Applications Delivery (up to 10x faster)

Zurich Insurance deploys
ServiceNow releases 5X faster with xtype

Zurich, like most companies, has adopted DevOps and Agile methodologies. It became apparent that those principles needed to be applied to their ServiceNow development efforts. However, many of the DevOps tools and metrics these days are still focused on file-based architected applications, not platform-built use cases like ServiceNow update sets, plugins, scripts, apps, and more. Zurich adopted xtype to shrink its growing backlog, deliver value more quickly and shorten its cloning windows.

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