ServiceNow's Leadership in Innovation: A Testament to Excellence in Digital Services and Low-Code Development

Scott Willson


In today's face-paced digital market, choosing to do business with a company recognized as a leader by industry analysts can bring confidence in capital expenditures and save you time from acquiring and onboarding another tool that better meets your needs. SaaS providers with industry-leading tech are typically renowned for their proven track record, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction, which are essential for their success and yours.

In case you missed it - because you are on vacation - over the past couple of weeks, both Gartner and Forrester have recognized ServiceNow as a leader in several categories. This recognition confirms ServiceNow's ability to deliver exceptional value consistently and demonstrates their competence and expertise in the disciplines they offer products. We at xtype are proud to be a ServiceNow partner and that our products can help companies get the most out of their ServiceNow investment.

What Recognition Did ServiceNow Receive?

Gartner and Forrester have recognized ServiceNow as a leading player in several categories, including AIOps, ITSM, ITOps, Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability, and low-code development. Gartner recognized ServiceNow as the market share leader for ITSM, AIOps (2nd straight year), and IT Operations. Gartner also ranked ServiceNow as a Visionary in their Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring and Observability. Lastly, Forrester ranked ServiceNow as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms for Professional Developers, Q2 2023.

ServiceNow, a Business Operating System

I have previously referred to ServiceNow as a BizOS (Business Operating System). These recent accolades testify to ServiceNow's commitment and ability to provide your organization with best-in-class multi-discipline round-the-clock digital services that will help you deliver unparalleled customer and employee experiences.

ServiceNow's IT Service Management and IT Operations Management capabilities enable thousands of companies to enhance self-service, boost innovation, and enjoy substantial returns. 

Traditional AIOps solutions struggle to warn IT operations teams about impending service slowdowns or outages. Here, ServiceNow's Predictive AIOps steps in. ServiceNow's Predictive AIOps identify potential issues before they impact users or the business without needing preset thresholds or data scientists to establish patterns. ServiceNow is committed to developing AI solutions that are safe, trusted, and governed. 

Delivering Value Faster With Low-Code

One of the enormous productivity gains that low-code platforms such as ServiceNow provide is that it allows developers to spend less time (or potentially no time) writing application logic and more time writing business logic. This productivity shift means developers and other less-technical resources can focus on solving business problems right away rather than first solving application and infrastructure needs as a means to an end (writing business logic).

ServiceNow being crowned as a Leader in the latest Forrester Wave should give you confidence in leveraging your investment by using ServiceNow's low-code capabilities to deliver valuable software in less time.

ServiceNow App Engine

ServiceNow's App Engine has a reputation among developers as a user-friendly solution to build full-fledged apps swiftly. ServiceNow customers have used it to design countless solutions, from customer engagement portals to IoT apps. Many customers utilized ServiceNow to quickly respond to the demanding and changing conditions during the 2020 lockdowns.

ServiceNow's App Engine (AE) embodies an unwavering commitment to assist companies in crafting high-quality apps at speed and scale. AE dissolves traditional software development barriers by allowing less technical staff (citizen developers) to contribute to solving your business challenges. More brainpower equals faster resolution to business challenges and encourages more diversity of thought in crafting those solutions.


In my humble opinion, ServiceNow truly is a BizOS to trust and rely on. It's one thing to offer a breadth and depth of functionality to manage an enterprise. It's an entirely different thing to provide these capabilities with industry-leading quality. With the recent acknowledgment of ServiceNow's leadership by Gartner and Forrester, you can trust that your organization's capital investment to acquire ServiceNow technology is an investment in your success and digital future.

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