Discover groundbreaking insights and innovations from the ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 conference to enhance operations and drive efficiency.

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If you could not attend the ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 conference, you missed invaluable insights and groundbreaking innovations that can significantly enhance your operations. Our speaking sessions delved into cutting-edge best practices, transforming how our customers leverage the Now platform. From mastering instance cloning to accelerating delivery and maximizing the value of your ServiceNow investment, our experts and customers shared strategies and real-world outcomes that can drive efficiency and productivity in your organization. Here's a glimpse of what you missed from our speaking sessions.

Clone Wars: How to Slash Clone Times and Sync Environments Like a Pro

In this session, we explored the art of accelerating cloning using xtype's Controlled Synchronization feature and our newest product, xtype Clone View. We discussed overcoming common cloning challenges, reducing the demand for off-hours work, and ensuring shorter turnaround times to enhance productivity. Attendees learned about minimizing cloning efforts and the pivotal role of xtype products in streamlining the ServiceNow cloning process.

Your Platform Accelerated: How xtype Customers Achieve 5x Delivery

This session provided real-world insights from Zurich Insurance into how organizations can deliver faster and realize the total value of their ServiceNow investment using xtype products. Zurich explained how they leveraged xtype products for their Washington upgrade. Key takeaways included shortening the time to value, the power of xtype's Controlled Synchronization feature, delivering with speed and safety, and best practices to ensure transformative results with xtype products. 

Generative AI Innovations

ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 announced numerous announcements about generative AI (GenAI) capabilities to drive enterprise-wide productivity and innovation. One of the key highlights was the expansion of the Now Assist portfolio, featuring tools like Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), which helps employees connect strategic planning to customer feedback for enhanced business impact. The introduction of playbook and app generation capabilities empowers developers to rapidly create applications and workflows, significantly reducing development time and complexity.

New Automation and Collaboration Tools

ServiceNow also introduced new automation solutions designed to unify experiences across the enterprise. The enhanced Automation Engine offers a comprehensive view of automation environments and simplifies RPA deployments, making it easier to manage hyperautomation end-to-end. The new Creator Studio, part of ServiceNow's low-code/no-code development suite, further democratizes app development by providing tools that enable employees to build intelligent workflows, boost overall productivity, and transform work processes.

Strategic Partnerships

ServiceNow unveiled several strategic partnerships designed to accelerate digital transformation for customers:


The partnership with Genesys aims to elevate customer and employee experiences by integrating Genesys Cloud with ServiceNow Customer Service Management. This collaboration promises to unify customer service teams, centralize work routing, and optimize workforce engagement, resulting in more personalized and efficient customer experiences.


An expanded partnership with Fujitsu will launch a new innovation center focused on digital transformation and customer success. This center will develop new solutions for the manufacturing sector, targeting improvements in Engineering Chain Management and Supply Chain Management operations.


Strengthening their collaboration, ServiceNow and Infosys introduced GenAI-powered industry solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency across sectors like telecom, financial services, manufacturing, and retail. Infosys also plans to double its investment in training by certifying more than 3,500 employees with ServiceNow GenAI skills.

Leadership and Future Direction

ServiceNow also welcomed Colin Fleming as the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). He brings nearly two decades of experience building impactful brand and marketing programs. His appointment is expected to guide ServiceNow's marketing vision toward becoming the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century, focusing on customer engagement, exponential growth, and market leadership.


ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 showcased the company's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and collaboration, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in AI, automation, and digital transformation. The conference highlighted how these innovations can drive significant value for businesses across industries, setting the stage for a new era of intelligent enterprise operations. If you missed the event, catch up on the key takeaways and explore how these innovations can transform your organization.

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