The Future of Audit and Governance: Why ServiceNow Platform Teams Need to Rethink Cloning and Spreadsheet Methodologies

Ralf Paschen

The need for robust, flexible, and efficient tools to manage business processes has never been more apparent in an increasingly complex and digital world. However, these tools must offer the best features to streamline operations and effectively meet audit and governance requirements. The way the ServiceNow Platform teams handle audit and governance issues via cloning and spreadsheet exercises can drive audit issues.

The million-dollar question is – can ServiceNow platform teams better adapt to the complex, multi-environment landscape of modern business operations?

Let's start with a central point of contention: cloning. Although cloning offers a practical way to mirror instances, it has its complications. Cloning is not always a perfect solution as it can introduce inconsistencies across environments, fail to replicate specific data, and present challenges in tracking changes. This approach can complicate audit trails and hamper visibility, often resulting in more time and effort spent on identifying and rectifying these inconsistencies than would have been spent on designing a more efficient solution.Using spreadsheet exercises for audit and governance also paints a picture of outdated methodology.

Relying on spreadsheets to manage complex and ever-changing audit requirements can quickly become a labyrinth of updates, edits, and tracking challenges. It's an old-school methodology that's become increasingly cumbersome and prone to human error in an age defined by real-time updates, seamless integration, and data-driven decision-making.

Instead, a more modern, sophisticated approach that can scale and adapt to evolving business needs is needed.xtype, a product natively running on ServiceNow and designed to provide multi-environment visibility. By using xtype, organizations can avoid the pitfalls associated with ServiceNow's cloning and spreadsheet exercises. This product allows for better visibility across multiple environments, helping to identify inconsistencies and gaps more efficiently and accurately. It offers a real-time product that helps with regular audits and enhances overall governance on the ServiceNow platform.

xtype's visibility offer allows businesses to identify and prevent gaps that might go unnoticed with ServiceNow's current cloning and spreadsheet-based methods.The digital landscape is evolving quickly, with businesses expecting their ServiceNow teams to keep up. ServiceNow platform teams need to catch up to newer, more adaptable methodologies not continuing to rely on cloning and spreadsheet exercises.

It's time for the ServiceNow community to embrace the potential of xtype enhancing multi-environment visibility and thus better meeting audit and governance requirements.The future of audit and governance in a digital world depends on products that offer flexibility, accuracy, and scalability. Shifting away from massive and excessive cloning and spreadsheet exercises to leverage more innovative products like xtype is not merely an option for ServiceNow platform teams but also a necessity in a world rapidly leaving outdated methods behind.‍

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