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Scott Willson


Working smarter, not harder, is critical to success in any field. It's a concept that has been around for centuries but is more relevant now than ever. With the rise of digital technology and the increasing complexity of the modern workplace, finding ways to work more efficiently and effectively is essential. We'll explore five tips to help you work smarter and review how xtype applies to these principles.

The Five Tips

  1. Automate repetitive tasks. Identify tasks that are performed frequently and find a technology that will automate them. 
  2. Reduce Miscommunication. The market is filled with communication tools, but you need to focus on tools that can impact and reduce miscommunication. 
  3. Update set propagation. Update sets are manually migrated from instance to instance using spreadsheets built manually.
  4. Preventative measures. Follow the idiom, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Invest in technologies that prevent errors from occurring in the first place.
  5. Continuous quality. Continuous quality isn't just about test automation. It is much broader than testing and can include security scans, credential management, code scans, and more. The point of continuous quality is to apply preventative quality tools, practices, or processes at every step in a process and not just during the "test" phases.

Introducing xtype

xtype is a product that addresses the biggest inhibitor to delivering features and apps on the Now platform at speed - environment inconsistencies. ServiceNow teams need help with delivery timelines and shrinking their backlog because of the time they spend overcoming inconsistencies between their ServiceNow instances. xtype provides native ServiceNow products with multi-environment visibility, controlled instance synchronization, zero-touch deployments, accelerated delivery, and enhanced governance.

Multi-Environment Visibility

The hassle of manually creating error-prone spreadsheets for days is now a thing of the past. xtype offers a comprehensive view of your entire ServiceNow landscape across multiple environments. xtype products are native to ServiceNow, allowing you to easily and quickly monitor and manage changes and updates across all instances, saving you precious time and effort.

Controlled Instance Synchronization

Inconsistencies in your ServiceNow environments can result in excessive cloning, reduced capacity for developers, and increased risks. However, with the implementation of xtype's synchronization technology, these issues can be eliminated. This technology ensures that there is no need for unnecessary cloning in your ServiceNow DevOps process, reducing collisions, conflicts, and code runovers.

Zero-Touch Deployments

Ensure that developers can remain focused on what they are paid for instead of being bogged down by monotonous tasks such as building spreadsheets with updates, resolving conflicting updates, and sacrificing weekends for production releases. By leveraging xtype, developers can reclaim their time and devote it to more valuable and impactful work.

Accelerated Delivery

The xtype release packages comprise various ServiceNow objects like Update Sets, scripts, XML, plugins, ServiceNow store apps, and more. These objects can be easily ordered with a drag-n-drop user interface. xtype packages are versioned and tracked and can be scheduled or triggered by an approved change request.

Enhanced Governance

xtype provides a complete record of who, what, where, and when. xtype reduces the number of people who need elevated privileges and can continually update your system of record in ServiceNow. All this together means that your delivery process and quality checks will always be followed.


In conclusion, xtype provides powerful products that empower you to work smarter, not harder. By providing multi-environment visibility, controlled instance synchronization, zero-touch deployments, accelerated delivery, and enhanced governance, ServiceNow teams are freed up to focus on more complex and high-priority tasks. Additionally, xtype improves the efficiency of your ServiceNow teams. With xtype, ServiceNow pros can work smarter, faster, and more effectively to support their organization's goals and objectives. 

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