Revolutionizing ServiceNow Service Operations with xtype

Scott Willson

Efficiency in service operations is a critical goal for any enterprise leveraging the ServiceNow platform. While ServiceNow provides a solid foundation, the real challenge for ServiceNow professionals lies in harnessing its full potential to streamline and automate their processes before they can do the same for their business. xtype, with its ServiceNow-native products, emerges as a critical solution in transforming these operations.

The Automation Imperative in Service Operations

ServiceNow professionals often face significant hurdles in their delivery workflows, including:

  • Inconsistent environments across ServiceNow instances inhibit their ability to deliver at speed.
  • Manual, time-intensive processes for deployment and release management.
  • The need to adhere to strict compliance and governance standards.

xtype Transforms Delivering on the Now Platform 

xtype is filled with experts who made their careers writing code for and applying workflow automation and DevOps against the enterprise use case. This background allowed them to look at the challenges of ServiceNow professionals with a fresh perspective. The answer was forming a company that produces ServiceNow-native products to address the critical areas of service operations on ServiceNow:

  1. Deployment Automation with xtype: xtype revolutionizes deployment processes with its zero-touch deployments. This feature automates the migration of ServiceNow update sets through customizable Deployment Flows. These flows are not just about automation; they integrate ServiceNow's Automated Test Framework (ATF) and code scans, ensuring that each deployment is not only fast but also secure and compliant with best practices. This level of automation and integration significantly reduces manual effort and the potential for errors, leading to more reliable and efficient deployment processes.
  2. Instance Synchronization for Consistency: xtype's Controlled Instance Synchronization is a game-changer. It uses Deployment Flows to ensure that when an update set is migrated to a downstream instance, such as QA, xtype automatically synchronizes this update set across other upstream instances. This synchronization includes learning and applying corrective steps to resolve any conflicts or errors, ensuring that all instances remain as production-like as possible. This feature is crucial for reducing the frequency of cloning, a time-consuming process in the ServiceNow ecosystem. By maintaining instance consistency, xtype saves time and enhances the overall development environment's stability.
  3. Streamlining Releases with xtype: The traditional approach to preparing for production releases often involves building cumbersome and error-prone spreadsheets. xtype transforms this process with its Release Packages. These packages allow ServiceNow professionals to assemble and order their release payloads through an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for spreadsheets. This innovation not only accelerates the release process but also ensures accuracy and provides a complete audit trail of what was released, enhancing governance and compliance.

The Business Impact of xtype's Automation

Implementing xtype's automation solutions brings substantial benefits to ServiceNow operations:

  • Increased Deployment Speed and Reliability: Deployment times are significantly reduced while maintaining high quality and security standards.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Reducing manual processes and cloning frequency leads to a more efficient use of resources.
  • Improved Compliance and Governance: xtype products ensure that operations adhere to industry standards and regulations, reducing non-compliance risk.

Real-World Success: Zurich Insurance's Experience with xtype

Zurich Insurance's implementation of xtype provides a concrete example of these benefits in action. By installing xtype, Zurich achieved:

  • A 5X increase in the speed of deploying ServiceNow update sets.
  • A 25% rise in the number of user stories released annually.
  • A 75% reduction in the time required for cloning processes.

These improvements highlight xtype's ability to streamline ServiceNow service operations, leading to more efficient, reliable, and compliant innovation delivery.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Implementation

xtype's products are designed to run natively on the Now platform. Running on the Now platform ensures that xtype works harmoniously with ServiceNow's ecosystem, providing a user-friendly and efficient solution for professionals. The availability of xtype View on the ServiceNow store for free underscores xtype's commitment to accessibility and ease of use.


xtype is an essential tool for ServiceNow professionals aiming to optimize their service operations. xtype addresses the core challenges of delivering at speed and scale with zero-touch deployment, controlled synchronization, and auditable release packaging, aligning them with strategic business objectives. In the fast-paced world of enterprise IT, xtype products are not just nice to have; they are mandatory for delivering at the speed of Now.

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