Revolutionizing Asset Management in ServiceNow with xtype: A Game-Changing Strategy

Scott Willson

In the dynamic world of enterprise asset management, the ability to rapidly deploy and update features is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and meeting evolving business needs. For decision-makers overseeing Asset Management on ServiceNow, xtype emerges as a transformative tool. By enhancing the capabilities of ServiceNow professionals, xtype accelerates the deployment and improves the quality of Asset Management features and apps. This blog delves into how xtype products empower ServiceNow teams, leading to more efficient and compliant asset management practices.

Empowering ServiceNow Teams to Enhance Asset Management

xtype products are designed to optimize the output of ServiceNow teams, which in turn enhances the Asset Management module:

  1. Multi-Environment Visibility for Efficient Management: xtype's capability to provide a comprehensive view across multiple ServiceNow environments enables developers and administrators to manage changes in Asset Management more effectively. This visibility is crucial for maintaining consistency and reducing errors, leading to faster and more reliable updates to Asset Management features and applications. By having a clear overview of the entire landscape, ServiceNow teams can more quickly identify inconsistencies and remediate them to ensure fewer errors, collisions, and conflicts in the propagation of features and apps.
  2. Controlled Instance Synchronization for Asset Management Consistency: With xtype, synchronization of Asset Management update sets across ServiceNow instances is controlled and policy-driven. This ensures that developed features in the Asset Management module are uniformly implemented across all environments, reducing the risk of release delays. 
  3. Zero-Touch Deployment for Rapid Asset Management Updates: xtype's zero-touch deployment automates the movement of Asset Management updates and applications across ServiceNow instances. This automation speeds up the deployment process and ensures that ServiceNow teams can respond more swiftly to changing business requirements, regulatory updates, or operational needs, significantly improving operational efficiency.
  4. Release Packaging for Streamlined Asset Management Updates: Transitioning from manual, error-prone spreadsheets to xtype's Release Packages streamlines the delivery of Asset Management updates. This efficiency ensures that new features and updates are deployed in a more organized, standardized, and auditable manner. 
  5. Enhanced Governance for Asset Management Compliance: xtype's governance capabilities ensure that updates and changes to the Asset Management module comply with internal and external policies and standards. This aspect is essential for maintaining trust and ensuring that releases are secure and compliant. Enhanced governance is particularly crucial for organizations in regulated industries or those with stringent internal controls, as it assures that delivery practices adhere to the required standards and regulations.

The Impact on End Users of Asset Management

While xtype directly aids ServiceNow professionals, the indirect benefits to end users of the Asset Management module are significant:

  • Accelerated Feature Delivery: By enabling ServiceNow teams to deploy Asset Management features faster, xtype indirectly enhances the end-user experience. Users have access to the latest tools and functionalities without unnecessary delays, leading to improved productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Improved Quality and Reliability: The increased efficiency and reduced error rates in deploying Asset Management updates lead to a more reliable and robust business practice. This reliability enhances the overall user experience by ensuring the system is equipped with the latest features and innovations.
  • Compliance and Governance: xtype's contribution to maintaining compliance standards for ServiceNow releases ensures that innovations, features, and updates are safely delivered at speed. This is particularly crucial for organizations in regulated industries, where adherence to specific standards and regulations is mandatory.


For decision-makers in charge of Asset Management on ServiceNow, xtype offers a compelling solution to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their ServiceNow teams. By empowering these professionals, xtype improves the delivery, quality, and compliance of Asset Management features and apps. This improvement leads to a more efficient, reliable, and compliant asset management practice, ultimately benefiting the business practice.

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