April 24, 2024

Reduce Information Overload by Gaining Visibility into Your ServiceNow Landscape

Scott Willson

Information overload is becoming an increasing challenge in today's modern organizations. A recent study by Gartner found that 38% of employees say they receive an "excessive" volume of communications from their company. Additionally, 27% reported feeling overloaded by the amount of information they receive, leading to lower productivity, poor decision making, and disengagement. 

This information overload also extends to tracking changes within your ServiceNow environment. With multiple instances across various business units, keeping track of updates, migrations, and new app deployments can be an administrative nightmare. Valuable time is wasted searching through each instance to identify what has been updated, when, and by who.

Real-Time Visibility Offers Clarity

Lack of visibility leads to inconsistent processes, fragmented data, and redundant solutions across your ServiceNow landscape. Your admins spend more time troubleshooting problems instead of innovating new solutions. And worst of all, you risk major outages from changes gone awry that impact your entire organization.

xtype eliminates the information overload and provides comprehensive visibility into your ServiceNow landscape. xtype offers real-time tracking of all update sets, apps, plugins, migrations, and deployments across your instances. xtype records the who, what, where, when, and how for every change - giving you a single source of truth. 

Out of Obscurity and Into the Light

With xtype, you gain visibility into:

  • All deployments and migrations propagated across your instances
  • Which apps, update sets, ServiceNow versions and plugins are deployed where
  • Pending changes queued up or stuck in progress
  • A full audit trail documenting every deployment

This comprehensive view allows you to easily identify inconsistencies and vulnerabilities across your landscape. You can see which instances are behind on updates or missing key apps and proactively remediate issues before they cause problems.

One View to Rule Them All

Another key benefit is xtype consolidates all your change information in one place. No more having to log into each instance individually or cull through lengthy audit logs. All the details you need are readily available on an intuitive real-time dashboard. This saves your team countless hours trying to track down information.

With xtype, your admins are relieved of the burdensome task of manual tracking and documentation. Instead of information overload, you gain knowledge and control over your ServiceNow ecosystem. You enable collaboration across instances, accelerate time to value for new capabilities, and most importantly - prevent major outages from change gone undetected.

xtype Is the X-Factor

Additional benefits of xtype include:

  • Improved compliance and reduced audit costs by having detailed documentation of all changes
  • Faster onboarding of new admins who can easily see the state of the landscape
  • Better planning and risk assessment for migrations and upgrades 
  • Accelerated root cause analysis when issues arise
  • Maximized uptime by proactively identifying inconsistencies before they cause outages
  • Increased productivity by eliminating wasted time piecing together change activity

With xtype, you can finally tame the information overload and gain true visibility into your ServiceNow ecosystem. No more hunting down audit logs or manually tracking changes. No more death by a hundred tabs. You get a real-time, consolidated view that enables collaboration, consistency, and control.


Don't let information overload inhibit or slow your ServiceNow delivery. Gain visibility, velocity and peace of mind with xtype. xtype installs in minutes with zero impact to your production instances. Sign up for a personalized demo today to see how xtype can help you master your ServiceNow landscape.

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