Counting Sheep Instead of Nightmares: How xtype Transforms ServiceNow Cloning

Scott Willson

An xtype customer told us that they no longer schedule sleep around cloning. xtype products have fundamentally changed how they work with and deliver on the ServiceNow platform. xtype's new product, xtype Clone View, introduces accuracy, collaboration, and insight into your cloning process. Gone are the days when ServiceNow administrators and developers had to schedule sleep around the daunting task of cloning. 

The meticulous, time-consuming process that once stole nights and fueled stress-induced nightmares has found its match. With xtype Clone View, ServiceNow professionals can now count sheep instead of troubleshooting cloning nightmares, ensuring a smoother, faster, and more efficient cloning process. This transformative product enhances productivity and elevates the overall productivity of ServiceNow teams developing and delivering on the Now platform.

Cloning Challenges in the ServiceNow Ecosystem

Cloning in ServiceNow is a prescribed best practice done during upgrades and should be performed occasionally for hotfixes or other needs that benefit from replicating production. However, many organizations clone regularly in an attempt to overcome environment inconsistencies and improve delivery flow. However, cloning is laborious and fraught with challenges. From the risk of lost work and developer downtime, cloning has been a significant pain point in the productivity output of ServiceNow teams. The process often leads to extended freeze periods, during which developers are caught in a limbo of waiting and verifying rather than innovating and delivering.

A Revolution in ServiceNow Cloning

xtype Clone View emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a revolutionary solution streamlining the cloning process. By automatically identifying the work-in-process (WIP) that needs to be backed up, xtype addresses the core issues head-on, offering a suite of features designed to transform how ServiceNow cloning is perceived and executed.

Key Benefits of xtype Clone View

1. Minimized Downtime: xtype Clone View significantly reduces the cloning time, minimizing the impact on business operations and developer productivity. This efficiency allows teams to focus on what they do best—innovating and enhancing the ServiceNow environment.

2. Improve Cloning Accuracy: Instead of developers manually trying to identify their WIP and cataloging it in an error-prone spreadsheet, xtype Clone View automatically identifies their WIP, providing accuracy while saving developers hours of non-productive administrative work.

3. Enhanced Productivity: Eliminating the risk of lost work will save future troubleshooting hours when development begins on the newly cloned instances. Lost WIP leads to errors that must be addressed, causing a significant productivity drag.

4. Improved Collaboration: xtype Clone View allows its Clone Previews to be shared among administrators and developers, giving everyone a clear insight into the preparations that need to be made.

A New Era of ServiceNow Cloning

xtype's innovative product marks the beginning of a new era in ServiceNow cloning. By addressing traditional challenges and introducing a suite of powerful features, xtype Clone View enables organizations to optimize their ServiceNow environments like never before. The product enhances operational efficiency and contributes to a healthier work-life balance for ServiceNow professionals, who can now leave the late-night cloning sessions behind and count sheep instead.


As ServiceNow continues to innovate, xtype stands out as a critical tool in the arsenal of every ServiceNow administrator and developer. By transforming the cloning process, xtype improves productivity and efficiency and enhances the overall experience on the platform. So, if you're tired of the cloning nightmares, it's time to embrace xtype and start counting sheep.

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