Breaking Down ServiceNow Environment Inconsistencies and the Case for Cloning

Ralf Paschen


There's no arguing that ServiceNow has significantly simplified the enterprise landscape, providing cloud-based tools to streamline workflows and better align IT services with business needs. Yet, like any digital ecosystem, it's not without challenges – specifically regarding environment inconsistencies. 

This blog aims to provoke serious thought around this significant issue and introduce a smart alternative to the traditional solution – cloning.

Dissecting the ServiceNow Inconsistency Challenge

Inconsistencies across ServiceNow environments are a common but often overlooked issue. When your development, test, and production environments are out of sync, the downstream effects can be severely disruptive, causing everything from workflow hiccups to business service delivery setbacks for the business.

Imagine a new application running flawlessly in your development environment but breaking down upon deployment in the production environment – sound familiar? It's an all-too-common scenario that stems from inconsistent environments.

Historically, the answer has been simple, albeit time-consuming: Cloning.

Cloning: A Necessary Evil?

Cloning, in the ServiceNow context, means creating a replica of a ServiceNow instance (like a production environment) for use in another instance (like a development or testing environment). Cloning allows for uniform testing and development conditions, helping teams avoid surprises when deploying applications.

But cloning is not a silver bullet. It's resource-intensive and requires careful planning to prevent data loss or security issues. 

So, are we stuck in this endless cloning cycle, hoping to maintain consistency while battling its drawbacks?

xtype: A Game-Changer for ServiceNow Environments

xtype is a company with products set to rewrite the rules for maintaining consistency and how to do deployment and release automation in ServiceNow environments. An off-the-shelf product that offers deep insights and automation into ServiceNow environments.

Introducing xtype View: Detailed Insight at Your Fingertips

This application is available in the ServiceNow app store and provides detailed views of the findings.

This visual representation of the disparities across your environments makes it easy for your team to understand the state of your instances. 

With xtype View, you're not just identifying discrepancies – you're visualizing them, making addressing and rectifying inconsistencies much simpler.

Cloning vs. xtype: The Choice is Clear

Cloning, while practical in the past, has its limitations, and in this digital age where efficiency and time-saving strategies are paramount, a more innovative solution is needed.

The xtype products offer an attractive alternative to cloning designed to tackle environment inconsistencies and release automation head-on without the hassle of traditional methods. 

By shedding light on inconsistencies, xtype and xtype View allow your team to focus on innovation and service delivery.

It's time to rethink how you approach releases within ServiceNow.

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