Boosting Developer Productivity Within a ServiceNow CoEI

Scott Willson

As the Development Lead overseeing delivery and customization on the ServiceNow platform, you are well-acquainted with the dual pressures of speed and governance. The Center of Excellence and Innovation (CoEI) thrives on rapid scalability, but the essence of scalable growth lies in striking the right balance. Speed without oversight can lead to inefficiencies or vulnerabilities, while too much governance can stifle growth. So, how do you get the best of both worlds?

Welcome to xtype, a native ServiceNow application that provides multi-environment visibility, controlled instance synchronization,

zero-touch deployments, accelerated delivery, and enhanced governance. With xtype, CoEI teams (and traditional ServiceNow teams) gain real-time visibility across all of their ServiceNow instances and bi-directional migration (zero-touch deployment + controlled synchronization) to ensure all instances are production-like as possible. These two gains optimize developer productivity and accelerate ServiceNow delivery.

Accelerate Release Cycles

One of the standout features of xtype is its capability to synchronize changes across sub-prod instances. Traditional deployment processes often are manual, making them prone to errors and delays. With xtype, you can trim down the number of post-migration preview errors, allowing developers to write higher-quality features while spending less time troubleshooting and resolving errors. It's not just about speed; it's about reliable, consistent, and safe deployments.

Reduced Risk with Restricted Access

Handing out unrestricted admin access across all instances can be a recipe for unintentional changes or security breaches. xtype's answer? Restrict admin access only to Dev instances. This restriction ensures that non-Dev environments, especially production, remain safeguarded from accidental changes and elevated privileges, significantly reducing risk.

Multi-Environment Dashboard for Efficient Project Management

If you've ever struggled with managing multiple releases, tracking changes, or ensuring transparency across the team, you'll appreciate xtype's multi-environment view. This dashboard is a single source of truth, providing real-time visibility to all the update sets, scoped apps, store apps, and plugins across all instances in your ServiceNow landscape.

Zero-Touch Deployments for Speedier Deployment

The xtype platform empowers ServiceNow admins and release managers by giving them self-service access—no more building spreadsheets, manual approvals, or granting elevated privileges. Admins and release managers can quickly get the information they need when needed and have confidence that best practices are ALWAYS followed, including quality and security checks.

Upholding Development and Testing Best Practices

Speed should never come at the cost of quality. xtype ensures that, while the CoEI model emphasizes rapid delivery, the integrity of the development and testing process is never compromised. Enforcing industry and platform best practices, xtype ensures that your ServiceNow solutions are high-quality and delivered quickly and safely.

Shift Focus from Manual to Creative

Ask any developer, and they'll tell you that manual tasks like logging status updates or collecting and collating changes in spreadsheets are time-consuming and mundane. With xtype, these manual tasks become a thing of the past. xtype takes over the grunt work, freeing developers to focus on what they do best: innovating and building top-notch solutions.

In essence, xtype acts as a catalyst in the CoEI model. It ensures you're keeping sight of governance and best practices while scaling up capabilities rapidly. The application combines the speed of automation with the meticulousness of governance and the insight of cross-environment visibility.


To conclude, the road to maximizing developer productivity and velocity within a CoEI (or traditional ServiceNow delivery organization) is fraught with challenges. The demand for rapid delivery often clashes with the need for oversight and safety. However, with xtype, this balancing act becomes less of a high-wire act and more of a well-choreographed dance.

As the torchbearer for your ServiceNow CoEI, your responsibility extends beyond mere delivery. It's about fostering an environment where innovation thrives, risks are managed, and quality is paramount. With xtype by your side, you're not just meeting these responsibilities but surpassing them.

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