Revolutionizing ServiceNow Solutions: xtype and NewRocket Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Propel Customer Success and Efficiency


The partnership will see xtype empower NewRocket to improve customer satisfaction and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

COVINA, Calif., March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- xtype, a platform engineering startup, is today announcing its partnership with NewRocket, a global, full-service Elite ServiceNow partner. The partnership will see the organizations collaborating to help customers deliver value on ServiceNow faster, extending their combined reach to support and positively impact even more customers using the platform. The announcement is a testament to the xtype's upward trajectory in the ServiceNow global community and follows only shortly after xtype was awarded Build Platform Partner status on ServiceNow.

The collaboration envisions a transformative impact on the ServiceNow ecosystem, with xtype and NewRocket committing to a strategic alliance that will not only enhance their service offerings but will significantly accelerate project delivery, optimize customer satisfaction, and enables customers to realize the full potential of their investments more efficiently.

How xtype and NewRocket are enhancing value for ServiceNow customers:

  • NewRocket is dedicated to driving better customer experiences and satisfaction and has recognized xtype as being both an enabler and differentiator in achieving these goals.
  • The partnership will see NewRocket's customers able to leverage xtype's products and will give them the capability to reduce their backlog and deliver apps, workflows, and features at the speed required to exceed any level of business demand.
  • NewRocket can include xtype in their Managed Services, allowing them to improve their projects' quality and delivery speed. NewRocket's customers will benefit from this by having improved experiences and realizing ServiceNow application value sooner with shorter turnaround times.
  • In addition, the collaboration will introduce customers of NewRocket directly to xtype, creating a synergy for these customers as they receive the direct benefits of xtype's products, including accelerated delivery, enriched collaboration, and enhanced governance.

Blaine Pryce, SVP of Global Sales at xtype, said of the partnership: "This partnership is a multifold win: for xtype, NewRocket, and most importantly, our ServiceNow customers, who will now see the value of their investments faster than ever. Together, we're accelerating project delivery and revolutionizing the quality and speed at which ServiceNow solutions are implemented, ensuring our customers reach their goals with unprecedented efficiency."

Through this partnership, xtype's innovative ServiceNow-native products will be combined with NewRocket's extensive expertise, with the partners promising to deliver unparalleled value, drive customer success, and set new standards in efficiency and effectiveness within the ServiceNow platform.

Andrew Paolino, Chief Strategy Officer of NewRocket, agreed saying, "Teaming up with xtype, we're setting a new standard in customer experience and efficiency, driving NewRocket's growth to new heights."

xtype will be attending the upcoming Knowledge 2024 event in Las Vegas, Nevada this May, and will be sharing more on their presence via

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