Meet xtype: Accelerate ServiceNow delivery and enable enterprises to unleash high scale and velocity on the ServiceNow® platform


COVINA, Calif., April 19, 2023 -- xtype, an agile software delivery company, has launched its purpose-built and native to ServiceNow platform engineering product to market. xtype is the first out-of-the-box product for ServiceNow to effectively use automation to quickly deploy and release applications and updates and clear software development backlogs.

As a ServiceNow Build Partner, xtype uses automation to increase business output, acting as a much needed remedy for organizations struggling to meet the expected pace of development and innovation on the ServiceNow® platform.  A key pain point for ServiceNow customers, it will enable enterprises to benefit from agile delivery and increase their digital transformation by up to five times faster.

Customers can start using xtype immediately and out-of-the-box to accelerate their software development and meet any level of demand. It enables customers to deliver new features and applications, as well as improve IT and streamline the management and development of enterprise applications. ServiceNow teams can also deliver customisations and applications as they scale, and without tedious manual efforts.

Trusted by businesses and developers, xtype offers multi-instance visibility, automation, and governance, ensuring improved commercial and engineering outputs.

Co-founder and CEO of xtype, Ron Gidron said of the launch: "We developed xtype as a product for ServiceNow's customers, many of whom are constantly working with an extensive and undeployed backlog. We focus on delivering functionality and offer a much-needed solution for ServiceNow teams in their natural environment. With the integration of xtype, teams can achieve better business outcomes, delivered quickly and efficiently, and we're proud to be a trailblazer in the ServiceNow community."

xtype is built by seasoned software technology professionals, with experience in the large-scale enterprise and DevOps marketplace. Leveraging their knowledge and expertise, their goal is simple, to allow ServiceNow customers to reduce their off-hours workload, and deliver the impactful bottom-line values that businesses need, especially in the face of economic turmoil.

xtype's transformational offering to the ServiceNow delivery process has already been recognised by organizations such as Zurich Insurance. As one of the world's leading insurers, xtype has helped them successfully utilize the ServiceNow platform without compromising on project quality.

Following the company's launch, xtype is expected to announce the release of its debut products and their plans on the 15th of May at Knowledge 2023 to all ServiceNow users. xtype will be present at ServiceNow's Knowledge 2023 Event in Las Vegas, from the 14th - 18th May at booth 435.

About xtype
Founded in 2020, xtype is a venture backed startup, reimagining the agile software delivery approach on the ServiceNow platform. The company offers an off-the-shelf option for customers to meet any level of demand on the ServiceNow platform and drive improved business outcomes at scale. To date, xtype worked with organizations such as Zurich Insurance, large international banks and technology companies globally.

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