Introducing xtype View™: Uncovering Environment Inconsistencies

Scott Willson

Introducing xtypeView™: Uncovering Environment Inconsistencies


Our Big Announcement at K23

We were thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of our latest product, xtype View™, at ServiceNow® Knowledge 23. Everyone visiting our booth responded anywhere from disbelief to extreme enthusiasm. My gray head betrays the many years I have participated in conferences, and I have never had people follow through when they say, "I will bring my boss tomorrow." Yet, they did as they promised again and again.


ServiceNow pros returned with their manager, colleagues, or friends at other companies to share the excitement of xtype. Believe it or not, this isn't hyperbole - this was our experience at Knowledge 23 last week. Why were ServiceNow professionals so excited by what they saw and heard at our booth?


The xtype X-Factor

The short answer is that xtype is ending ServiceNow instance inconsistencies and allowing ServiceNow pros to get their lives back. Our team of ServiceNow innovators has crafted an intuitive and game-changing product that will revolutionize your delivery process. At K23, we announced the newest member of our product offering, xtype View. xtype View is a certified app on the ServiceNow store that is the world's first multi-instance viewer and platform engineering dashboard exclusively for ServiceNow professionals. With its arrival, we're ushering in a new era of productivity and efficiency. xtype View will transform how you approach delivering features and apps on the Now platform.


Imagine a world where conflicts and errors leading to environment inconsistencies between ServiceNow instances become a thing of the past. With xtype View™, we eliminate these hurdles by offering a real-time multi-instance view to all your store apps, scoped apps, and plugins. This software is your gateway to hassle-free releases and audits, enhanced accuracy, and substantial time savings.


The Feature Bottomline

Let's delve into some of the remarkable features xtype View™has in store for you:

• Automatic Enumeration and Tracking: All scoped apps, store apps, and plugins are effortlessly enumerated and tracked, ensuring comprehensive visibility across all your instances.

• Instantly View ServiceNow Release Versions: Gain an instant overview of all ServiceNow release versions across all instances, simplifying upgrade planning and management.

• Comprehensive App and Plugin Insights: Easily view all scoped apps, store apps, and plugins deployed across your instances, complete with version numbers, empowering you with comprehensive control.

• Smart Filters for Quick Identification: Leverage our powerful filters to swiftly identify missing or mismatched plugins, apps, or instance versions, helping you maintain a harmonious ecosystem.


Instance Inconsistencies

Instance inconsistencies are the most significant contributor to delivery timeline lags and all your late night, weekend, and holiday work hours. When your ServiceNow environments do not mirror each other, it can be difficult for developers and administrators to anticipate how the new feature or application will behave once it's promoted to a higher environment.This issue, in turn, delays the delivery process.


For example, a developer might create an application in a dev environment that works perfectly. Still, due to inconsistencies, the same application might fail in Test, QA, and Staging, much less in your production environment. This failure can be due to various factors, such as different data structures, missing modules, or disparate configurations. Consequently, developers must spend extra time troubleshooting and fixing these issues, delaying the delivery of the new application or feature.


This problem doesn't just happen on the way to production.These inconsistencies can "roll downhill" from production to lower environments. Every hot fix or emergency fix in production inserts a wedge between production and every other environment. Cloning is seen as a way to"synchronize" these changes, but pre and post-work associated with cloning are labor intensive, and the cloning process itself can take days.


Knowing Is Half the Battle

Benjamin Franklin famously advised fire-threatenedPhiladelphians in 1736, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." xtype View provides the kind of visibility and transparency that can help you proactively address instance inconsistencies and reduce reacting to them on weekends, evenings, or holidays. If you haven't already installed xtype View, please go to the ServiceNow app store and see for yourself what all the buzz was.

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