Revolutionizing ServiceNow Development Without War Rooms: How xtype Streamlines Deployment and Release Processes

Ralf Paschen

In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, manual and error-prone processes can significantly impact business performance and efficiency. One such platform that has been facing these challenges is ServiceNow.

Organizations using ServiceNow often need help with manual updates and release processes, leading to low results and development inefficiencies. In this blog, we will explore the root causes of these problems and how xtype, an innovative product native to ServiceNow, can overcome these challenges by accelerating the development and delivery of business requirements.

Manual and Error-Prone Update and Release Processes in ServiceNow

Manual deployment and release management processes can undermine the ServiceNow platform’s great benefits. Some common issues faced by organizations using ServiceNow include:

  • Manual deployment and release activities: Developers often need to perform manual tasks for deploying applications, update sets, and plugins across instances, leading to errors and delays on top of your undeployed backlog.
  • Excessive cloning: Cloning instances is time-consuming and can introduce inconsistencies and errors, causing further delays and complications.
  • Limited ServiceNow instance visibility: Traditional DevOps tools must provide real-time visibility into multiple instances, making it challenging for teams to synchronize and collaborate effectively.
  • Privilege access sprawl: As teams grow and projects expand, managing access rights becomes increasingly difficult, exposing the organization to potential security risks.
  • Governance challenges: Ensuring compliance with corporate policies and industry regulations is essential, but manual processes make it harder to maintain proper governance controls.

xtype Accelerates Development and Enhances Governance on the ServiceNow Platform

xtype is a purpose-built product native to the ServiceNow platform and designed to address these challenges within the ServiceNow ecosystem. By eliminating manual deployment and release activities, xtype streamlines the development process and drives better results for organizations. Here’s how xtype achieves this:

Automate the deployment and release processes in ServiceNow, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring faster delivery of applications, updates, and configurations.

Significantly reduces the need for cloning, minimizing the risk of inconsistencies and errors and enhancing the overall efficiency of the development process.

Providing real-time visibility into multiple instances, enabling seamless collaboration and synchronization between development teams.

Organizations can manage access rights more effectively, reducing privilege access sprawl and mitigating security risks.

Ensures better compliance with corporate policies and industry regulations, making it easier to maintain proper governance controls.


xtype revolutionizes ServiceNow development by eliminating manual deployment and release activities, reducing excessive cloning, providing real-time multi-instance visibility, and enhancing governance. Embrace the future of ServiceNow development with xtype and transform your organization’s approach to deployment and release management and test it out with our trial.

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