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xtype Clone View
is a groundbreaking cloning product designed to speed up and simplify the ServiceNow cloning process.

It slashes the time it takes to prepare for and execute a clone by providing sharable and automated backup and restore plans, real-time collaboration, and a live view of clone status and progress.

xtype Clone View

Backup and Restore Plans (coming soon)

Leveraging the identified Work-in-Progress, Clone View generates a detailed runbook, providing users with a plan for efficient pre-clone backups and post-clone restore plan tracking ensuring nothing is missed including update sets, apps, and plugins.

Automated Inconsistency Identification

Clone View uses advanced algorithms to identify discrepancies between source and target instances, pinpointing differences or WIP to minimize errors and prevent loss of work.

Clone View Inconsistency
Live Communication

Live Communication

All developers have a live shared view of the backup and restore plans, which provides real-time visibility of their responsibilities and WIP with tailored suggestions for exports and exclusions, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

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