xtype provides for the
ServiceNow platform

  • Multi-environment visibility
  • Controlled instance synchronization to reduce cloning
  • Zero-touch deployments
  • Accelerated delivery of business requirements
  • Enhanced governance

Driving improved business outcomes at scale

Multi-Environment Visibility

With xtype, you no longer need to spend days building error-prone spreadsheets manually. xtype provides multi-environment visibility of your entire ServiceNow landscape with a product native to ServiceNow, giving you, in minutes, the ability to see and control all your changes and updates across all instances.

xtype Update sets
Controlled Instance Synchronization

Controlled Instance Synchronization

Environment inconsistencies lead to excessive cloning, reduced developer capacity, and introduce risks. xtype's controlled synchronization technology eliminates the need for constant cloning in your ServiceNow DevOps process and reduces collisions, conflicts, and code runovers.

Zero-Touch Deployments

Keep developers focused on what they love to do rather than on tedious, mundane work such as mixing and matching spreadsheets filled with update sets, troubleshooting conflicting updates, and spending weekends on production releases. xtype frees developers' time to use towards more productive, value-driven work.

xtype Zero Touch deployments
xtype Release Packaging

Release Packaging

An xtype release package contains any number of code and data artifacts such as Update Sets, data, scripts, XML, plugins, and ServiceNow store apps. You define a package once and "promote" it from instance to instance and ultimately into production, just as you would in a classic DevOps process, except this release and deployment automation is native to ServiceNow. Additionally, xtype packages are always versioned, are trackable across instances, and deployed in order.

Release Scheduling

With schedules in xtype, release days become a thing of the past. Simply create a schedule and add the package or packages that you want to be released and, on schedule, xtype will run your release automatically.

xtype Release Scheduling
xtype Change Request Integration

Change Request Integration

xtype releases and schedules are tightly integrated with ServiceNow’s change management process, ensuring deployments and releases are in sync with CR status, you can setup xtype to automatically deploy when a CR is updates and xtype will close the loop and update the CR when the deployment is done.

Platform Engineering Dashboard

Keep track of your delivery ROI and measure your innovation velocity and levels of trust and quality using xtype's built-in dashboard. The dashboard displays all the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Data can be sliced and diced per application, instance, teams, specific time frames, and much more.

xtype Platform Engineering Dashboard

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