xtype, a Solution to Managerial Burnout

Scott Willson

In the evolving work landscape, middle managers are finding themselves at a crossroads, facing the dual threats of burnout and layoffs. A recent Gallup survey paints a grim picture for 2023, with managers experiencing heightened stress due to the complexities of hybrid work environments, budget constraints, and talent shortages. The need for more innovative, more efficient tools has never been more pressing, especially for those managing ServiceNow teams. This need is where xtype emerges as a beacon of hope, offering native ServiceNow products designed to alleviate the pressures contributing to managerial burnout.

xtype's Multi-Environment Visibility: A Game-Changer for ServiceNow Managers

ServiceNow team managers are often inundated with maintaining oversight across multiple ServiceNow instances or environments. xtype addresses this challenge head-on with its multi-environment visibility feature. This dashboard gives managers a bird's-eye view and x-ray of all ServiceNow instances, including apps, plugins, update sets, and releases, in real-time. The result is significantly reduced time spent tracking progress and increased transparency and productivity. Managers can now focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by the minutiae of status updates.

Smart Synchronization: Keeping Teams in Harmony

One of the most daunting challenges for managers in a hybrid work setting is ensuring their teams remain collaborative and synchronized. xtype's controlled synchronization is designed to keep all ServiceNow instances as production-like as possible without having to clone. By automating the synchronization of update sets, xtype ensures that every ServiceNow developer has the most accurate instance to code against, fostering a more cohesive and efficient value delivery pipeline.

Zero-Touch Deployments: Streamlining ServiceNow Operations

Deploying new apps and features can be a time-consuming process that often requires hands-on management. xtype simplifies this with zero-touch deployments, enabling managers to roll out updates seamlessly without the need for constant oversight. This automation not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that deployments are smooth and disruption-free. 

Governance: Ensuring Compliance and Control

Governance is a critical aspect of managing ServiceNow environments, particularly regarding compliance and control. xtype provides robust governance tools that allow managers to set policies and monitor compliance across all environments. This proactive approach to governance ensures managers can maintain control over their ServiceNow landscapes without investing excessive time and energy into oversight. xtype will ensure your policies and processes are consistently followed for upstream synchronizations and downstream deployments, including code scans, ATF executions, and approvals.

Reducing Release Stress with xtype

xtype Release Packages take on the tedious and error-prone tasks of building spreadsheets for production releases. The time spent building spreadsheets is followed by the dreaded death of a hundred tabs. With xtype Release Packages, all of the time, tabs and errors are replaced with a simple pick-n-click, drag-n-drop interface where your release payload can be enumerated, collected, and ordered within minutes. Then, when the release is executed, there is no worry that a single asset will be accidentally skipped or migrated in the wrong order. Once an xtype Release Package is approved, it will be deployed in the state it was approved in.

Empowering Managers to Focus on What Matters

xtype allows managers to concentrate on fostering personal connections and mentoring their team members. Multi-environment visibility places everyone on the same page, controlled synchronization reduces errors and troubleshooting, and zero-touch deployments consistent and predictable releases. ServiceNow pros now have time to be agents of change and innovation.


xtype doesn't just add to the capabilities of managers; it strategically removes the low-value tasks that congest their schedules and the schedules of their teams. By doing so, it empowers managers to adopt a proactive stance, focusing on listening, understanding team challenges, and identifying opportunities. This shift from reactive to proactive management can transform managers into advocates for their teams, fostering a work environment where both employees and managers feel valued and equipped for growth. In the face of rising burnout rates, xtype is an essential tool for ServiceNow team managers, offering a path to a more engaged and sustainable work-life balance.

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