Transforming ServiceNow Development: xtype's Role in Empowering Low-Code App Delivery

Scott Willson


Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, and in today's fast-paced business world, enterprises must stay agile and efficient in their application development processes. As a robust platform, ServiceNow offers promising avenues for developing low-code apps. However, large enterprises often grapple with maximizing the potential of their ServiceNow investments. This prolonged investment ROI is where xtype, a platform engineering company offering ServiceNow-native products, comes into play, fundamentally changing the ServiceNow development experience.

Understanding the ServiceNow Development Challenges

To appreciate xtype's impact, it's crucial to first identify the typical challenges ServiceNow teams encounter, especially in large-scale operations. ServiceNow professionals frequently face issues such as:

  • Limited realization of the full value of their ServiceNow investment.
  • Struggles with achieving consistency, reliability, and risk reduction.
  • Inability to accelerate delivery without compromising quality.
  • Delays in meeting critical business timelines.
  • Stringent compliance needs with regulations like HIPAA, FDA, BASEL3, and SOX.

Revolutionizing ServiceNow Development

xtype directly addresses these challenges, offering products that are native to the ServiceNow platform and designed to enhance ServiceNow professionals' capabilities:

Scaling Development Efforts: xtype empowers ServiceNow teams to handle any level of demand, fully leveraging the platform's extensive capabilities.

Unprecedented Multi-Environment Visibility: Teams gain a comprehensive, real-time view across all ServiceNow instances, encompassing every update set, plugin, store app, and custom-built app.

Controlled Instance Synchronization: Reducing the need for frequent cloning, xtype minimizes associated risks and saves significant development time.

Automated Deployments and Accelerated Delivery: By streamlining deployment and release processes, xtype significantly speeds up the delivery of business requirements, maintaining high standards of reliability and quality.

Robust Governance and Compliance: xtype ensures strict adherence to various regulatory standards by enforcing policies and procedures.

Enhancing Low-Code App Delivery

ServiceNow recognizes that flat budgets aren't slowing the demand for new business apps. ServiceNow sees citizen developers as a way to reduce the app gap, and the Now platform's low-code capabilities are perfectly aligned with this because low-code reduces the knowledge and skill required to bring innovation to market. That said, for ServiceNow pros, the challenge will be handling an additional stream of updates in your production release pipeline. Thankfully, xtype provides the same real-time multi-environment visibility, zero-touch deployment, and release packaging for citizen-developed low-code apps as other ServiceNow native updates - update sets, plugins, store apps, XML, data, etc. 

Case Study: Zurich's Transformation with xtype

Zurich Insurance's journey with xtype exemplifies the transformative impact of xtype on ServiceNow development. Faced with time-consuming cloning and deployment processes, Zurich turned to xtype. The results were remarkable:

  • Deployment of ServiceNow update sets became 5X faster.
  • A 25% increase in the number of user stories released each year.
  • Cloning time was cut by 75%.

These achievements underscore xtype's ability to streamline the ServiceNow delivery process, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and compliance. You can read the entire case study here.


xtype is an indispensable solution for large enterprises relying on ServiceNow to deliver value and innovation to their business. It not only addresses common development challenges but also transforms the way businesses leverage the ServiceNow platform. With xtype, ServiceNow development transcends mere app creation; it becomes a compliant catalyst for comprehensive business transformation, aligning technological capabilities and industry governance with strategic business goals.

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