The Transformative Power of Automation with Tools like xtype for ServiceNow Pros

Scott Willson


The Information Technology (IT) landscape is in a perpetual state of flux, powered by relentless technological innovations and an insatiable demand for digital amenities. At the vanguard of this shift, IT mavens design, roll out and sustain intricate systems. It is well known that IT workers work a lot of off-hours resulting in burnout and employee turnover. ServiceNow professionals are especially under pressure as a growing backlog of feature requests pile up under C-Suite initiatives expecting a quick return on their capital investment.

Automation software, especially tools like xtype with unique controlled synchronization and multi-environment views, is an indispensable ally in bolstering efficiency and sanity for ServiceNow pros. In this piece, we will chart how automation, especially xtype's offerings, is reshaping the professional lives of ServiceNow developers and admins and unpack the tangible benefits underpinning these benefits.

Elevated Efficiency, Lessened Workload

One can't overstate the merit of automation software in alleviating the workload of IT professionals. Traditional automation tools automate repetitive tasks, but xtype does more. Its controlled synchronization drastically reduces manual hours, letting ServiceNow developers and admins concentrate on crafting innovative solutions. A recent Gartner study suggests that such automation endeavors could lighten the IT workload by a staggering 20%. This reduced workload isn't merely about cutting down hours; it's about repurposing those hours for more valuable work or increased production.

Precision-Driven Productivity

We talk a lot about data-driven decisions nowadays, but automation drives precision-driven outcomes. xtype's multi-environment view provides a real-time view of all update sets, apps, and plugins across all instances xtype is installed. xtype provides precision-driven visibility and governance and does so without code or workflows. ServiceNow professionals no longer have to build spreadsheets manually to gain this level of visibility, nor do they have to guess what is where. xtype provides accurate clarity instantaneously.

Machine-driven accuracy reduces human error, improves human judgment, and assures consistent results. IT automation can be about something other than workflows. Automation can take many forms providing humans with improved productivity, reduced cognitive fatigue, and greater precision and consistency. Speaking of consistency, xtype's controlled synchronization ensures that all your instances are as production-like as possible, reducing the need to clone and preventing errors from being created at their point of origin. Reducing errors and their unintentional propagation can supercharge your ServiceNow teams' output. IDC conducted a study concerning automation and found that automation improves IT process speeds by up to 61%.

Work-Life Harmony

Reducing the mundane in the workday translates to a more harmonious work-life balance. Using xtype, IT workers aren't just spared from repetitive work; they're bestowed with time - the precious commodity in the world. A McKinsey study echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that automation can redeem up to 20% of work hours, paving the way for leisure, self-growth, or other passions.

Taming the Stress Monster

IT jobs are often high-stress jobs - a byproduct of relentless deadlines, evolving tech paradigms, and the omnipresent demand for competitive output. Automation, especially when supplemented with xtype's features, morphs the chaotic IT workspace into a more serene setting. ITProPortal found 62% of IT gurus experienced diminished stress post-integrating automation tools. xtype can improve employee retention.

A Gateway to Endless Learning

When automation handles repetitive tasks, IT professionals unlock the luxury of time. This newfound time is a passport to perpetual learning, letting workers stay up-to-date with tech trends and improve and refine their skills. The byproduct? Enhanced career trajectories and a better skilled and knowledgeable workforce.


The impact of software like xtype is vast and profound. It's not just about automating tasks; it's about metamorphosing the essence of how ServiceNow work is performed. As automation tools advance, especially with xtype's trailblazing features, IT professionals can anticipate a workspace that's efficient, rewarding, and harmonious.

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