The Future of IT Service Management with ServiceNow: xtype's Role in Evolving ITSM Practices

Scott Willson

The landscape of IT Service Management (ITSM) is continually evolving, driven by the need for more efficient, streamlined, and customer-centric IT services. ServiceNow has been a game-changer in this evolution, offering robust ITSM solutions that transform how organizations manage their IT services. Complementing this transformation is xtype, a ServiceNow-native product that accelerates and enriches ServiceNow delivery practices. This blog explores the future of ITSM, focusing on ServiceNow and xtype's role in expediting the delivery of these advancements.

ServiceNow's Impact on ITSM

ServiceNow has revolutionized ITSM by providing a unified platform that integrates various ITSM processes and systems. This integration eliminates the need for multiple platforms and spreadsheets, offering a more cohesive and efficient approach to service management. ServiceNow's ITSM products are designed to streamline operations, improve data analytics and reporting capabilities, and reduce service disruptions.

Case Study: Flight Centre's Transformation with ServiceNow

A prime example of ServiceNow's impact is Flight Centre's deployment of ServiceNow ITSM products. The travel agency group faced challenges with its basic service management system due to rapid growth. By implementing ServiceNow ITSM, Flight Centre significantly improved its service desk operations:

  • Reduced average call wait times from fourteen to four minutes.
  • Shifted engagement from calls to chat, web forms, and self-help, with a 300% increase in chat volumes and a decrease in call volumes by 3,000 calls per month.
  • Achieved an 80% reduction in the mean time to restoration of incidents and a 50% reduction in the number of incidents.

xtype's Enhancement of ServiceNow ITSM

xtype plays a crucial role in accelerating the delivery of ServiceNow's ITSM capabilities. xtype products streamline the deployment and release of ServiceNow updates and features, ensuring that ITSM enhancements are delivered quickly, allowing ServiceNow teams to keep up with any level of business demand.

  1. Streamlining Release Processes: xtype's Controlled Instance Synchronization and Zero-Touch Deployment features ensure that updates to the ServiceNow platform are deployed rapidly and reliably. This is essential for meeting and exceeding the pace of IT operations and ensuring minimal service disruption.
  2. Boosting Development Capacity: xtype elevates development capacity and productivity, enabling organizations to scale their ServiceNow operations without proportionally increasing their development teams. This is particularly important for organizations facing challenges in scaling on the ServiceNow platform due to resource constraints.
  3. Enhancing Governance and Compliance: In the ITSM domain, xtype's enhanced governance and full audit capabilities ensure that all releases and deployments on the ServiceNow platform adhere to regulatory standards, reducing risk and maintaining trust.

The Future of ITSM with ServiceNow and xtype

The integration of ServiceNow and xtype is setting the stage for the future of ITSM. This combination addresses critical operational challenges, enabling organizations to leverage the full potential of their ServiceNow investment.

  • Automated Workflows and Reduced Manual Intervention: The future of ITSM lies in automation. ServiceNow automates key ITSM workflows, reducing manual intervention and the associated risk of errors.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Enhanced data analytics and reporting capabilities provided by ServiceNow offer organizations the insights needed for effective decision-making and strategic planning in ITSM.
  • Customer-Centric IT Services: The shift towards more customer-centric IT services is a key trend. ServiceNow enables organizations to provide quicker and more efficient customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Meet ANY Level of Demand: xtype products allow ServiceNow teams to meet and exceed the demands of the business. Live multi-environment visibility, controlled synchronization, zero-touch deployment, release packaging, and enhanced compliance streamline and optimize the delivery of apps and features on the Now platform.


The future of ITSM is one of greater efficiency, automation, and customer-centricity. ServiceNow has laid the foundation for this future, and xtype is building upon it, offering enhancements that streamline delivery, boost development capacity, and ensure compliance. Together, ServiceNow and xtype are not just driving the evolution of ITSM practices; they are shaping a future where IT services are more integrated, efficient, and responsive to customer needs.

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