Revolutionizing the Cloning Process for ServiceNow Professionals

Scott Willson

In ServiceNow, cloning—essential for maintaining consistency across development, testing, and production environments—often conjures mixed feelings among professionals. While critical, cloning is seen as a double-edged sword; on one side, it ensures that environments are mirrored accurately for testing and development, but on the other, it is perceived as a time-consuming task that diverts valuable resources away from other pressing projects.

ServiceNow pros have voiced their cloning challenges, ranging from the desire to clone more frequently to the reality of cloning becoming a cumbersome process that disrupts the flow of ongoing projects. Whether it's a company with multiple instances needing regular clones to align their test environment closely with production or a smaller setup where cloning is primarily tied to upgrade preparations, the underlying theme is clear: the current cloning process, while necessary, could be significantly improved to support a more efficient workflow.

To this end, xtype will be releasing a new product designed to address these very challenges. This groundbreaking product, xtype Clone View, promises to transform the ServiceNow cloning process, making it a routine operation and a strategic advantage.

Transforming Cloning from a Necessity to a Strategic Asset

xtype Clone View has been developed with an acute understanding of the cloning process's intricacies and its challenges for ServiceNow professionals. It offers a native ServiceNow product that significantly enhances efficiency, accuracy, and speed in pre- and post-cloning activities. Here's how xtype Clone View is set to change the game:

  1. Automated Inconsistency Identification: Clone View employs algorithms to meticulously identify discrepancies between source and target instances, ensuring that differences are highlighted before they cause issues.
  2. Remediation Suggestions: Clone View generates detailed Clone Preview reports, leveraging insights from the inconsistency identification phase. Clone Previews provide users with a clear plan for efficient pre-clone backups, ensuring no critical elements are overlooked.
  3. Streamlined Communication: Clone View fosters collaboration by offering all developers a live shared view of the Clone Preview. This feature promotes efficiency and ensures that every team member is aligned with tailored suggestions for exports and exclusions.

Bridging the Gap between Demand and Cloning Frequency

The ServiceNow community's feedback underscores a universal truth: the platform's demand has increased, yet the frequency of cloning has not kept pace, primarily due to the time and effort involved. With xtype Clone View, ServiceNow professionals can anticipate a significant shift. Cloning can become a more frequent, less daunting task, closely aligning development and testing environments with production and facilitating smoother upgrade processes.

By automating critical steps and providing actionable insights through runbooks, xtype Clone View minimizes the traditional cloning process's downtime and manual effort. This efficiency means that developers and IT professionals can redirect their focus towards delivering on other projects, confident that their cloning process is handled swiftly and accurately.

Looking Ahead: Embracing xtype Clone View

As the ServiceNow platform continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, the need for tools that enhance operational efficiency and support innovation becomes increasingly important. xtype Clone View represents a leap forward in meeting this need, offering a solution that streamlines the cloning process and aligns it more closely with organizational goals.

ServiceNow professionals, from those managing sprawling instances to those in smaller setups, stand to benefit immensely from the adoption of xtype Clone View. By transforming cloning from a necessary chore into a strategic operation, xtype Clone View empowers teams to spend more time innovating, less time preparing for cloning, and less time troubleshooting problems post-clone resulting from lost work.


As we await xtype Clone View's release, the ServiceNow community's anticipation is palpable. This innovative solution promises to redefine cloning operations, ensuring that ServiceNow environments are cloned and ready for development swiftly and reliably. Thus, it will bridge the gap between the demand for the platform's use and the practical realities of cloning frequency.

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