Navigating the Capacity Crunch: Unleashing Gen AI within ServiceNow's Ecosystem

Scott Willson

About a decade ago, the business world began defining the term digital transformation. Though many thought it would be a passing trend, businesses began creating projects, and then the C-suite began creating initiatives. Boards began hiring CEOs with digital transformation initiatives in mind. Regardless of its history, digital transformation has been a rapidly evolving landscape set to evolve again with the emergence of Generative AI (Gen AI) technologies.

ServiceNow's robust platform creates unprecedented opportunities for businesses to exploit Gen AI's potential. ServiceNow has stated that every C-suite or strategy meeting they have with their customers includes Gen AI on the agenda. Clearly, we stand on the brink of a new era, but it's crucial to address the elephant in the room—the pressing challenge of development capacity.

Challenges in Adopting Gen AI

The advent of Gen AI heralds a future where automation, predictive analytics, and bespoke customer experiences become not just enhancements but essential components of business operations. At xtype, we recognize the transformative power of Gen AI in reshaping industries and accelerating digital initiatives. However, integrating this cutting-edge technology using the Now platform has its challenges. The core issue lies in ServiceNow teams' existing development capacity constraints.

The Now platform is at the heart of numerous enterprises' digital workflows and business operations. The demand for apps and functionality based on ServiceNow's platform has surged, leading to a significant and potentially growing backlog. Teams are stretched thin, grappling with the dual challenge of maintaining current systems and innovating for the future. The question arises: how can these teams create the capacity to harness Gen AI innovations effectively?

Finding New Capacity to Innovate With Gen AI Integration

Consider the straightforward solution of expanding teams by hiring more ServiceNow developers. However, this approach is easier said than done. The job market for skilled developers is notoriously tight, compounded by budgetary constraints that many companies face. Therefore, the feasibility of rapidly scaling teams to meet the burgeoning demand for Gen AI integration is questionable.

This capacity crunch calls for a strategic pivot—leveraging another technology that will allow ServiceNow professionals to do more with less. The answer is not merely adding more hands on deck but optimizing and automating delivery inhibitors to free up existing capacity. Herein lies xtype's value proposition, offering products that enable ServiceNow teams to maximize their development productivity and efficiency.

xtype Unlocks Development Productivity and Capacity

xtype revolutionizes ServiceNow delivery by enhancing team capacity and driving higher backlog throughput, thus addressing the critical challenge of meeting ever-increasing business demands. By streamlining cloning processes, improving collaboration, and eliminating downtime for developers, xtype dramatically reduces project delivery times, allowing teams to focus on innovation rather than overcoming operational bottlenecks. 

Furthermore, its robust audit and compliance features provide a secure record of change, which is crucial for industries facing stringent regulatory standards. This cohesive approach maximizes efficiency and increases the productivity of ServiceNow teams, making xtype an indispensable ally for organizations striving for excellence and looking to innovate with Gen AI quickly.


If the world of digital transformation was fast-paced, the new world heralded by Gen AI is sure to take it up a notch. Therefore, the need for speedy and safe delivery of update sets, apps, and features on the Now platform is more critical than ever. However, one of the most significant obstacles to achieving high delivery velocity is finding the additional development capacity to seize Gen AI's promise. Even if you could hire enough ServiceNow developers fast enough, the typical productivity ramp-up period for new employees is six to twelve months. That's where xtype comes in - xtype products run natively on ServiceNow, are up and running in minutes, and empower your teams to meet ANY level of demand from the business on the Now platform.

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