Catalyzing Digital Innovation With xtype Amid Macro Uncertainty

Scott Willson


In the increasingly uncertain macroeconomic landscape of 2023, businesses are compelled to adapt, innovate, and transform business models to stay resilient. The key to thriving in this environment is leveraging digital innovation to create value, be agile, and drive growth. In light of this, it's time to spotlight a product that can be pivotal in accelerating digital transformation.

Macro Uncertainty

Who foresaw the global pandemic and governments, for the first time in history, quarantining both healthy and infected people? Who predicted the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing corporate boycott that saw businesses shut down their Russian operations and move their employees to other locations? What about the impact of the potential drop in agricultural output from Ukraine? A loss or significant reduction of Ukrainian farm exports will have a domino effect that will impact directly or indirectly businesses in every vertical.

Today these are now known issues, but what about tomorrow? Over the past three years, businesses have learned to expect the unexpected. It is impossible to be ready for every scenario, but being agile and responding quickly to change is critical to surviving and thriving in the years to come. ServiceNow has been an important partner and tech stack that has helped companies react rapidly to dramatic change. ServiceNow is focused on assisting companies to improve operations today to prepare them for the future. A simple Google search will reveal several stories and use cases from the pandemic and Russian invasion, demonstrating this point.

The Speed of Now

In the face of macro uncertainty, leaders are tasked with making decisions that secure their company's short-term and long-term future. This need necessitates focusing on tools and processes that can deliver rapid, tangible results. It is too easy to hire a partner and assume delivery of outcomes while being ignorant of underlying human costs that affect output. Burnout and employee turnover are more than just a problem at your company, but also a problem at the partners enterprises rely on. C-suite's strategic planning for digital transformation should consider the downstream human capital of its digital supply chain.


xtype, an innovative ServiceNow partner, is focused on delivering ServiceNow native products designed to accelerate value delivery while unlocking the true potential of ServiceNow professionals by allowing them to focus on more value-add tasks and to improve work-life balance. xtype is a game-changer, particularly in an era where IT professionals work with reduced staff numbers and increased off-hours work.

xtype provides multi-environment visibility, controlled instance synchronization, zero-touch deployments, accelerated delivery, and enhanced governance. These abilities allow your ServiceNow teams to deliver features and apps on the Now platform at high velocity, frequency, and quality while empowering your teams to focus their cognitive gifts on more value-add work.

Scalable Business Models

The Now's low-code platform capabilities are essential to ServiceNow's strategic push to enable citizen developers. Citizen developers empower non-technical stakeholders to participate directly in application development, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative environment. By democratizing application development, companies can use the Now platform to fuel creativity and innovation from all corners of the organization, not just IT. 

According to James Surowiecki's book, The Wisdom of Crowds, including people of diverse backgrounds and skills in tasks outperform more specialized groups. Citizen development is a model that can better scale your company's business model and make it more resilient to macro uncertainty by expanding the digital contributions of your employees. xtype fully supports citizen development and ServiceNow's App Engine Management Center. xtype will allow the work of non-IT professionals to follow your standardized production propagation processes, quality and security checks, and approval gates. Expanding digital contribution doesn't have to increase risk or add additional work hours to your ServiceNow teams.


Macro uncertainty will likely continue for the next decade. Ensuring your organization is agile enough to respond to change quickly is critical to surviving and thriving in the times ahead. ServiceNow can be the digital backbone of digital agility. xtype accelerates the delivery of value-add features on the Now platform, including supporting citizen developers. xtype will triple your output on the Now platform.

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