Building a Business OS With a Digital Platform

Scott Willson


Today I want to talk to you about something incredibly important for all modern organizations: the need for a digital platform that acts like an operating system for your business. As you know, we live in an increasingly digital world. Technology has transformed how we live and work, and we must keep up with these changes to succeed in the future.

A Business Operating System

That’s why every organization needs a digital platform capable of acting like a business OS. A digital platform is more than just a set of tools or technologies. It’s a strategic investment that can help your organization become more agile, innovative, and efficient. A digital platform is a unified technology solution that combines all the different technologies and systems an organization uses. The platform enables integrating all these different systems into a single cohesive platform that can be managed and controlled from a central location. This digital platform can help you streamline your processes and automate your workflows, saving you time and money. It can also help you gain insights into your data and use that information to make better decisions because the platform provides real-time insights into business performance and the behavior of your customers and employees. But most importantly, a digital platform can help you create a better customer and employee experience. By providing a seamless, integrated experience across all channels and touchpoints, you can build stronger customer relationships and foster a more engaged and motivated workforce.

The Now Platform

The Now platform from ServiceNow is such a digital platform and ServiceNow understands the importance of running a digital business. That’s why they created a platform that’s designed to help you achieve your goals, no matter what industry you’re in or what challenges you’re facing. The Now platform is built on a foundation of automation and integration, meaning you can connect all your systems and processes in one place. It’s also built with the customer and employee experience in mind, so you can create personalized, engaging experiences to help you stand out from the competition. Countless organizations that have transformed their businesses with ServiceNow, from healthcare providers to financial institutions to retailers, organizations of all types and sizes are using the Now platform to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and create a better experience for their customers and employees.


A digital platform (aka business OS) is the end point of digital transformation. Digital transformation can’t simply be about moving to the cloud; it must be a business transformation, not merely a technology transformation. A digital platform, such as ServiceNow can help organizations become more agile, innovative, and efficient and provide a better experience for customers and employees. ServiceNow has built a platform that’s designed to help organizations achieve their goals and succeed in the digital age. If you are already a ServiceNow customer looking for ways to experience the benefits and outcomes described here faster, then look at xtype. xtype is the x-factor in delivering ServiceNow features and updates more quickly.

Most xtype customers are experiencing a 75% to 90% improvement in ServiceNow delivery output. We at xtype believe ServiceNow is the most robust platform for the modern business. We also believe we can help ServiceNow customers achieve their goals and objectives faster.

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