Boosting Productivity with xtype's ServiceNow Products

Scott Willson

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a report showing a significant increase in labor productivity in the third quarter of 2023. Productivity for the nonfarm business sector rose 4.7 percent, the largest quarterly gain since 2020. There are likely many factors that contributed to this boost in productivity, but the smart management of IT services and rapid adoption of AI tools may have played a role. Companies that leverage solutions like xtype's apps for ServiceNow can drive significant productivity improvements by streamlining administrative and development work across multiple instances.

xtype Controlled Synchronization - Stopping Errors Before They Occur

xtype provides products that connect multiple ServiceNow instances into a seamless whole. With xtype, companies gain visibility into all inconsistencies across all ServiceNow instances, allowing them to identify and eliminate them. The controlled synchronization of update sets also ensures that development efforts are less likely to fail when migrated to different instances because developers are always coding update sets, features, and apps in instances that are as production-like as possible. This synchronization saves ServiceNow teams the hassle and productivity lag of cloning more frequently than is needed.

xtype Real-Time Multi-Environment Visibility - Stop Building Spreadsheets

One major advantage of xtype is that it installs in seconds and begins providing visibility out of the box - no consultants are required to build out a solution. Everything runs in the background, freeing employee time for higher-value work. xtype's secret sauce is its multi-environment view. Employees can save huge amounts of time instead of spending hours to days tracking down information in different instances, reconciling disparate data, or waiting for other team members to provide you with a spreadsheet with their instance's data. Everyone can focus on their core responsibilities because your multi-environment views shift from point-in-time to real-time and from manual to automatic.

xtype Release Packages - Ending the Dozen Tabs Trauma

It's no coincidence that the 4.7 percent jump in productivity aligns with xtype's growth and popularity among enterprises. As more companies implement xtype's products, they benefit from breaking down silos and seamless operations. Eliminating the friction of inconsistent instances and manual processes unlocks more time and energy for business-critical initiatives.

With xtype Release Packages, releases on the Now platform happen automatically across instances by schedule, click or change request. This packaging of release assets removes a significant burden from ServiceNow pros, who would otherwise have to update each instance one by one manually, following the steps outlined in an error-prone spreadsheet. Instead of the manual labor of building and following steps in a spreadsheet, xtype lets you build a release package via quickly pick-n-click and drag-n-drop. Since computers are great at following instructions precisely, you have confidence that your release will be deployed in the precise order without fail. 

Automated releases not only save labor hours but also ensure companies capitalize on the latest features and security enhancements in each ServiceNow release. Keeping current and avoiding lags boosts efficiency and reduces risks.


The productivity data for Q3 2023 reflect how digital transformation and intelligent software can remove bottlenecks and supercharge enterprise agility. Solutions like xtype for ServiceNow enable work to flow faster. Less employee time gets sucked up by repetitive manual tasks while communication and coordination become more fluid—this speed and agility compound productivity gains over time. xtype will help your ServiceNow teams avoid the 3 Ms that are employee productivity and retention killers - repetitive work that is menial, mundane, and manual.

As the pace of business accelerates, we can not afford to allow clunky workflows and disjointed systems to impede progress. Companies need solutions like xtype that seamlessly connect processes across ServiceNow instances and place everyone on the same page. With comprehensive visibility and smooth interoperability between instances, enterprises can maximize productivity. As more organizations deploy xtype products, they position themselves to capitalize on the considerable productivity opportunities from consistent, orchestrated releases and shared visibility across multiple instances. The latest economic data suggest the future holds great promise for businesses that leverage productivity-enhancing solutions like xtype.

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