Accelerating Time-to-Value with a ServiceNow CoEI

Scott Willson

For ServiceNow customers, ensuring agility and speed in realizing value from our ServiceNow investment is more crucial than ever. ServiceNow is pivotal for many organizations looking to streamline and automate their IT and business processes. Establishing a Center of Excellence and Innovation (CoEI) can be game-changing to maximize the value derived from ServiceNow.

What is a ServiceNow CoEI?

A ServiceNow CoEI is a centralized body that brings together expertise, best practices, and strategic insights related to ServiceNow within an organization. It ensures that all ServiceNow initiatives align with the business's objectives and are executed optimally. The main goal is to fast-track the realization of value from ServiceNow projects.

The Challenge for Platform Owners

As a Platform Owner overseeing ServiceNow in your organization, implementing a CoEI can significantly accelerate your time-to-value. A CoEI provides dedicated resources and strategic alignment to realize value faster from your ServiceNow investment. 

However, to fully optimize the effectiveness of your CoEI, the right tools are essential. xtype is native to ServiceNow and provides 

multi-environment visibility, release packaging and automation, and instance synchronization. This dramatically improves governance and oversight by giving you real-time visibility into changes across ServiceNow environments. xtype also enforces access policies so developers only have admin rights where necessary, reducing risk.

Leveraging xtype for Enhanced Efficiency and Security

By implementing xtype alongside your CoEI, you can expect to see significant benefits, including:

Faster Deployment Velocity

xtype's Release Packages eliminates the need to spend days building release spreadsheets in preparation for production releases. Since xtype already knows the what and where across your ServiceNow landscape, enumerating a release payload is quickly constructed and ordered via a pick-n-click and drag-n-drop interface.

xtype Release Packages can be deployed by schedule or Change Request to any instance, but xtype doesn't stop there. xtype provides zero-touch deployments to automate the downstream migration of all your update sets and update set batches.

Increased Governance  

With xtype, your policies, practices, and processes are enforced. Your ServiceNow projects move at speed with safety! xtype provides traceability for all changes propagated across your ServiceNow landscape — all migrations' what, when, where, who, and how are documented and tracked. Additionally, xtype provides a real-time multi-environment view of your ServiceNow landscape. This level of visibility and traceability ensures alignment with your roadmap and strategic vision.

Reduced Risk

By restricting admin access only to lower environments, xtype reduces the risk of unapproved or unintended changes in production. Developers retain the autonomy to build within sandboxes without elevated privileges. This limitation improves security and ensures your ServiceNow footprint adheres to least privilege principles.

Improved Productivity

By eliminating manual tasks, xtype enables your ServiceNow developers and administrators to be more productive. The efficiency gains allow your CoEI to take on more innovation opportunities and strategic projects.

Assistance with Cloning

Cloning operations in ServiceNow can be complex and are definitely time-consuming - work must be done before and after a clone. xtype simplifies these processes, reducing the time and effort required. xtype reduces the mean time to clone readiness. Your admin only needs to import and install update sets and assets in one instance, and xtype will synchronize those changes to all other instances.


With multiple ServiceNow environment visibility, zero-touch deployments, release packages, and controlled instance synchronization, xtype provides the guardrails needed to accelerate time-to-value as you scale ServiceNow usage across the enterprise. xtype gives you the control required to meet your vision for digital transformation.

xtype will optimize the productivity of your ServiceNow CoEI team. Innovation accelerates as you automate changes forward and synchronize them backward. Governance improves as you gain complete deployment visibility and control. And risk reduces as you enforce least privilege access policies.

In summary, xtype complements and enhances your CoEI investment by providing the platform oversight needed to drive maximum value from ServiceNow. To learn more about accelerating your ServiceNow success with xtype, schedule a demo today.

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