xtype launches xtype View™ The World’s First ServiceNow® Store Application to Provide Multi-Instance Visibility


California, US - May 15, 2023 - xtype, the agile software delivery company, today launches xtype View™, the world’s first multi-instance viewer and platform engineering dashboard designed for ServiceNow professionals.

Native to ServiceNow, xtype View is the first ever real-time, multi-instance dashboard designed exclusively for ServiceNow professionals to see all their plugins and applications across their ServiceNow landscape in one place. xtype View is free and is designed to reduce the conflicts and errors that lead to configuration drift between ServiceNow instances. xtype View reduces conflicts and errors by removing the need to manually build error-prone spreadsheets and perform other time-consuming tasks. 

xtype View provides the following features:

  • All scoped apps, store apps, and plugins are automatically enumerated and tracked.
  • View all ServiceNow release versions across all instances.
  • View all scoped apps, store apps, and plugins deployed across all instances, including version numbers.
  • Filters allowing quick identification of missing or mismatched plugins, apps, or instance versions.

Ron Gidron, co-founder and CEO of xtype said "xtype View was built to accelerate technology innovation and outcomes for enterprises. We’ve created a real-time solution to solve the time-draining, manual development challenges ServiceNow professionals have been facing for far too long. It’s about time deployment becomes the fastest and smoothest part of any software project."

Founded by senior software engineers, xtype is a platform engineering company committed to solving the problems that compound the growth of software backlogs and giving core platform and engineering teams their time back. By optimizing deployments, xtype helps users get ahead of ServiceNow projects, allowing them to focus on driving innovation that will give their companies a competitive edge.

Compatible with ServiceNow releases Utah, Tokyo, and San Diego, xtype View is available on the ServiceNow® store here.

xtype is a proud sponsor of this week's ServiceNow Knowledge 2023, and you can meet xtype's founders and see xtype in action at booth 435.

About xtype

Founded in 2020, xtype is a venture-backed startup reimagining the agile software delivery approach on the ServiceNow platform. The company offers an off-the-shelf option for customers to meet any level of demand on the ServiceNow platform and drive improved business outcomes at scale. To date, xtype worked with organizations such as Zurich Insurance, large international banks and technology companies globally.


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