ServiceNow Series E124: Ron Gidron, Founder and CEO at xtype


Today’s guest is Ron Gidron, Founder and CEO at xtype. Today ServiceNow teams struggle with environments inconsistency which inhibits their ability to deliver at speed. xtype believe that the ServiceNow platform is the most agile development platform on the market and provides native ServiceNow products to meet any level of demand from the platform with speed, reliability and compliance. They serve some of the largest organizations in the world, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation with ServiceNow at unprecedented scale and velocity.

With over a decade of experience in product management and marketing, Ron he leads the vision, strategy and execution of xtype. He has a proven track record of designing and building innovative solutions, executing effective go-to-market strategies, and supporting and leading sales and customer interactions. Ron is passionate about creating and delivering value for customers, partners and stakeholders, as well as accelerating digital transformation for competitive advantage.

In this episode, Ron discusses:

The problems Xtype are solving for customers

Inconsistencies in the ServiceNow environment

Tracking changes and synchronization

Should companies use cloning to normalize the change process

How xtype addresses these inconsistencies

How to utilize the xtype product

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