Accelerating Success: What the DevOps Sector Needs to Know in 2024


How AI's Biggest Year in DevOps Will Transcend 2023

2023 was a year marked by innovation, and it came with both challenges and triumphs. The emergence of generative AI was and continues to be one of the biggest technology trends seen in recent years. For the DevOps sector, it has raised several important questions.

What does this mean for the role of a software developer?

Can artificial intelligence and Large Language Models (LLMs) be relied on in accelerating development frameworks?

How can DevOps effectively take advantage of AI?

These are some of the questions that we still need to answer this year. However, the learnings of 2023 have given the valuable insights needed to move forward and empower the DevOps sector. In a 2023 blog I posted on DEVOPSdigest, I wrote about the agile expectations around technology solutions: "Applications are expected to be planned, developed, tested, and deployed in weeks — if not days — and wholescale digital transformation projects should happen quickly."

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