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About xtype

ServiceNow is the most robust platform for managing IT and developing enterprise applications; we believe it should also be the most agile platform. To realize that value, we built xtype – a deployment and release automation platform native to ServiceNow – that triples customers’ ability to deliver new features and applications in a way that accelerates digital transformation for competitive advantage.
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ServiceNow Technology Partner

Meet the team

We are not your typical start-up! We are seasoned software technology professionals who have been battle-tested in the large-scale enterprise DevOps marketplace serving in the Global 2000. We wanted the opportunity to leverage our expertise to help people reduce their off-hours workload and deliver impactful bottom-line value to the business. We started xtype to achieve these goals and have fun a long the way.

Xtype Team Bryan

Bryan Noonan

Global Sales Leader

Xtype Team Anna

Anna Egger

Software Developer

Xtype Team Gerhard

Gerhard Preisinger

Senior Software Developer

Jasmin Siloni, Head Of Digital Marketing

Jasmin Siloni

Head Of Digital Marketing

Xtype Team Scott

Scott Willson

Head of Product Marketing

Tobi Stanzel, VP Product

Tobi Stanzel

VP Product

Xtype Team Ron

Ron Gidron


Xtype Team Robert

Robert Huckaby

Field Technical Officer

Xtype Team Wesley

Wesley Pullen

Executive Advisor and Board Advisor

Peter Szulman, CTO

Peter Szulman


Ralf Paschen

Ralf Paschen


Xtype Team Thomas

Thomas Koenig

Senior Software Developer

Jim Moran

Jim Moran

Senior Director of Sales

Marco Orovecchia

Marco Orovecchia

Site Reliability Engineer

Tom Mes

Tom Mes

Account Executive

Michael Zingerman Senior Software Developer

Michael Zingerman

Senior Software Developer

Niv Damianovich

Niv Damianovich

Front End Developer

Xtype Team Ora

Ora Shafrir

Product Design

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