Unify your ServiceNow team with an end-to-end DevOps platform

ServiceNow Developer

ServiceNow Developers lead the implementation and testing of software development on the now platform. They control customizations, new applications development, and handle testing, documentation, and third level support. xtype provides the visibility, traceability, and automation needed to save developers countless hours of wasted manual labor.

ServiceNow Architect

ServiceNow architects think big-picture and are in-depth problem solvers. From designing robust systems to finding long-term solutions, architects build with innovation in mind. xtype provides the visibility and traceability needed to connect the architects with the developers and users. Using just two of xtype’s many features, like baseline-compare and environment compare, saves both time and money by allowing you to maximize efficiencies and focus efforts and resources to the most appropriate tasks and procedures. 

ServiceNow Security Officer

Security officers and incident responders rely on team communications and visibility into both real-time and historical changes.  xtype provides a complete record system for all changes that occur in ServiceNow, allowing security officers to report on, and investigate any security-related event with full visibility and in record times.


ServiceNow CIO

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are in charge of all information technologies and computer systems in the organization. Many CIOs are making ServiceNow their central platform for digital workflows. xtype provides the CIO with the confidence needed to push new developments and applications on the ServiceNow platform without increasing business risk. Ultimately, xtype helps CIOs get a higher return on investment (ROI), from the platform and the teams working on ServiceNow.


Accelerate your servicenow development and delivery webinar

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Thursday, December 10 2020 at 3:00 pm GMT


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