ServiceNow Configuration, Customization and Development Powered by Version Control, Visibility and Automation.

Learn how xtype enables general software development and DevOps concepts natively 
in ServiceNow and understand how it works


Start using xtype and gain immediate benefits

xtype provides a native ServiceNow experience that you can use with your existing workflows and practices at your own pace.
Once you install xtype on your instance and run the first snapshot, you have everything to get going.


Super fast search

Sometimes you are asked to fix something and your only input is an error message, a name or something out of an automated email. xtype let"s you paste that bit of text and find what you need in seconds

automated change tracking

xtype tracks every configuration and customization that occurs in each of your instances, granularly. this makes it seamless to audit changes and update sets. xtype shows what was changed, who changed it, what was it changed from and reports all historical revisions.

IMpact analysis

Changing existing applications and workflows can be scary. It's hard to know if you"ve considered all the implications of your change. xtype's structured references make it fast and easy for you to map out dependencies and plan changes with confidence.

deployment pipeline

The built-in update set builder lets you dynamically create update sets based on differences between files, scopes, and environments so you can easily create a merged update set and bring your instances to a common baseline quickly


Accelerate your servicenow development and delivery webinar

Join xtype and our partner for a 30 minute webinar and live demo

Thursday, December 10 2020 at 3:00 pm GMT


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