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xtype improves team capacity, offers higher backlog throughput, seamless cloning, removes frozen developer times, and offers full audit and compliance capabilities in highly regulated industries.

Zurich Insurance deploys ServiceNow releases 5x faster with xtype

Listen to the webinar and find out how Zurich Insurance achieved the full value of the ServiceNow platform

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Zurich Insurance News

Zurich Insurance slashes ServiceNow application development time

Insurance giant cuts time it takes to complete development of ServiceNow applications by days

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Accelerate Timelines Without Compromising Quality

Accelerate delivery to meet business deadlines while maintaining reliability and quality.

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ServiceNow CoEI ebook
Blog Audit and Compliance

Audit and Compliance Issues

Compliance and transparency are a significant need for many ServiceNow customers, particularly in sectors like healthcare and finance with regulations like HIPAA, FDA, BASEL3, SOX, etc.

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