An xtype environment represents your ServiceNow software lifecycle stages and forms the basis for process automation, continuous delivery, analytics, and compliance.

Environment Setup
Release packaging

Release Packaging

A release package contains any number of code and data artifacts that are part of your release. You define a package once and release it from instance to instance and ultimately into production. Thus, packages are always versioned, are trackable across your environment, and deployed in order. In addition, packages support multiple scope releases and more.

Automated Stage Flows

xtype Stage Flows automate and govern the process of your release across any two instances. A stage flow is a set of actions executed as part of a deployment, and you can chain anything up in a stage flow. You can execute ATF’s, run security code scans, update change tickets, call external systems, and much more.

Deployment Manager

Deployment Manager

The deployment manager screen is a command-and-control space for all of your releases. The release manager uses the deployment manager to execute and monitor automated releases, CD execution results and more.

DevOps Dashboard

Keep track of your ROI from DevOps and measure your innovation velocity and levels of trust and quality using the built-in dashboard. The dashboard displays all the relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s) in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Data can be sliced and diced per application, instance, teams, specific time frames, and much more.


Quite simply, xtype offers the best built-in code search for ServiceNow.  Search in milliseconds and find what you are looking for anywhere in ServiceNow. xtype is packed full of features like preview, filtering, and impact analysis that ServiceNow developers use every day to navigate, refactor code, and isolate problems on the platform. Give it a try. You will never look back.


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