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Organizations worldwide rely on the cloud and use platforms such as ServiceNow and Salesforce to run the core of their business operations. Thousands of developers and admins work tirelessly to modify, adapt, and create new customized business applications that propel the organization forward and create competitive advantages. But until now, they've had to rely upon a constrained developer environment provided by the platforms, leaving out many of the capabilities needed for faster innovation and forgetting DevOps completely.
That's why we exist. We've built a DevOps platform that runs native and supports building-on and operating these platforms faster, with visibility, control, and streamlined collaboration. As a result, xtype solves a problem that many believed to be unsolvable. Want to learn more? Come join us!

Meet the Founders

For over 10 years, we`ve worked together building DevOps and automation solutions for large scale deployments in global 2000 enterprises. The demand for integration in enterprise platforms turned into a request for a native solution that would enable platform developers the same capabilities that the DevOps toolchain provides outside of the PaaS platforms. The challenge was to find a way to design a platform for DevOps that can provide both a native, in platform experience for developers, and scale across different platforms. And thus began the journey of xtype!


Accelerate your servicenow development and delivery webinar

Join xtype and our partner Capture.eu for a 30 minute webinar and live demo

Thursday, December 10 2020 at 3:00 pm GMT


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