Why ServiceNow is Hitting a New Gear

Scott Willson


ServiceNow recently announced that it had achieved its first $2 billion quarter, an impressive
milestone that highlights the company’s continued success in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. ServiceNow’s CEO, Bill McDermott, attributed the company’s success to its “strong
execution, disciplined focus, and relentless pursuit of customer success.” This statement
reflects a key factor that has contributed to ServiceNow’s growth: the satisfaction of its

Nearly Perfect Renewal Rate

In the SaaS industry, customer satisfaction is crucial for long-term success. The industry is highly
competitive, and customers have a plethora of options to choose from. However, customers
tend to stick with companies that provide them with value, meet their needs, and help them
achieve their goals. Customer satisfaction and value is where ServiceNow shines. The
company’s Now platform streamlines business operations and enhances productivity,
improving overall customer experience.
The renewal rate is one metric that measures customer satisfaction in the SaaS industry. The
renewal rate is the percentage of customers that renew their subscription after the initial
contract period. Every company strives to get as high a renewal rate as possible. In
ServiceNow’s case, it is impressive that a company of their size can command such a fiercely
loyal customer base. According to a SmartKarrot blog, the average SaaS renewal rate is around
80%. However, top-performing SaaS companies have renewal rates of over 90%.
ServiceNow’s renewal rate is beyond impressive. In its most recent earnings report, the
company reported a subscription renewal rate of 99%. This nearly perfect renewal rate
indicates that the company’s customers are satisfied with the Now platform and willing to
expand their usage. This high renewal rate helps explain why ServiceNow’s revenue continues
to grow and highlights the company’s commitment to customer success.

ServiceNow’s Symbiotic Culture

One reason for ServiceNow’s high renewal rate is the company’s focus on customer satisfaction.
ServiceNow’s design focus for the Now platform is to address common business challenges,
such as IT service management, HR service delivery, and security operations. The company
works closely with its customers to understand their needs and provides them with customized
solutions that meet their specific requirements. ServiceNow also offers extensive training and
support to help customers get the most out of the platform.
Another reason for the loyalty of ServiceNow’s customers is the company’s ability to continuously innovate and add new features to the platform. ServiceNow invests heavily in research and development to ensure its platform remains competitive and up-to-date. The company’s regular product updates and new releases ensure customers can access the latest technology and features. These regular updates enhance the customer experience and provide customers with additional value.
ServiceNow’s success in the SaaS industry is a testament to the importance of customer
satisfaction. But it is more than that. At xtype, we have the privilege of working with both ServiceNow employees and customers. We see genuine respect and enthusiasm on both sides
of the aisle. The ServiceNow employees we work with are so excited to meet and work with
their customers. ServiceNow customers are passionate about the Now platform and love
providing feedback. This synergistic and symbiotic relationship is the key to ServiceNow’s
growth as their customers leverage the Now platform in more pervasive ways throughout their
organizations. ServiceNow’s focus on customer success, responding to customer feedback, and
continuous innovation is helping the company maintain a solid competitive edge in the SaaS


ServiceNow’s $2 billion quarter is an impressive achievement that may reflect a growing
adoption culture within its enterprise customers. The nearly perfect renewal rate of 99%
indicates that doing business with ServiceNow isn’t just a financial transaction for a software
tool but that companies value ServiceNow as a partner to achieve their business objectives.

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