Delivering Value with ServiceNow Tokyo

Scott Willson

ServiceNow announced yesterday, Wednesday, September 21, 2022, the latest platform release, the Now Platform® Tokyo release. This release provides new functionality, features, and enhancements across six themes – Customer Experience, Technology Excellence, Employee Experience, Operating Excellence, Hyperautomation & Low-Code, and Employee Experience. The Tokyo release boosts engagement and productivity across the enterprise and helps deliver better employee and customer experiences through simplified order management and scheduling capabilities.

Among the six high-level themes, a few of the Tokyo release highlights include:

According to today’s press release, “the ServiceNow Tokyo release is purpose-built to deliver better employee and customer experiences, supercharge intelligence and trust in operations, and accelerate value in ways that are good for people, good for the planet, and good for profits.” As always, ServiceNow pushes the innovation envelope and drives its customers to higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and growth.

We at xtype are proud to be a ServiceNow technology partner, and our solution fully supports the Tokyo release. xtype maniacally focuses on helping our customers get more out of their ServiceNow investment. Our customers used xtype as part of their Tokyo upgrade process and had all their sub-prod instances up and ready for new development post-upgrade five times faster than without xtype. We clocked an average of 2.2 update set deployments every minute. What would have taken several days took several hours!

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