Introducing xtype

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Hello everybody, and welcome to xtype. xtype is the fruit of the labor of many people who have helped us not only understand the real problems faced by the ServiceNow technical community but have also helped shape our solution and craft the first version of xtype. Some don’t even know they helped, and some are already great friends and customers. Together we are on a journey to transform SaaS development and operations in general and ServiceNow, in particular, to provide powerful new capabilities to everyone involved in customizing, building applications, and managing the platform. We believe that building on a SaaS platform such as the now-platform should be as scalable as a source-code based project even while large distributed teams are pushing the boundaries of the platform and delivering vast amounts of functionality to their organizations at an accelerating pace. To do this, we wanted to give people the extensive power of an integrated version control system, provide built-in impact analysis, complete visibility and traceability of changes, and much more. So far, we have seen users find usages for the solution even beyond what we imagined (two favorites of mine are audit and restoring accidental deletes). It is inspiring us to expand our roadmap and continue to evolve xtype. We are excited! And we welcome everyone in the ServiceNow community to try xtype and join the journey with us.


Accelerate your servicenow development and delivery webinar

Join xtype and our partner for a 30 minute webinar and live demo

Thursday, December 10 2020 at 3:00 pm GMT


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